Alumni Savannah: Master of Laws and Entrepreneur extraordinaire

Posted: 11th April 2024

Since finishing Sixth Form with us in 2017, Savannah Evans has embarked on a brilliant journey. She has earned a Law degree, pursued a Masters in Law, and currently manages two thriving businesses whilst also excelling as a Project Manager in the construction industry!


What were your Sixth Form highlights?

My Sixth Form highlights were probably results day, just to see all of the hard work that I put in over the course of the two years come together. I did achieve Distinction* in all of my subjects, so I was really, really pleased. I took Health and Social Care, Law, Business Studies and Dance. 

What have you been up to since finishing Sixth Form?

Since finishing, I completed my undergraduate Law degree. I then went on to study a Masters in Law at the University of Law. I did an online version because of COVID. Since then I’ve had jobs in the mortgage industry, and my current job, which is my absolute favourite to date, is a Project Manager in the construction industry. I’ve also got two businesses that tend to keep me busy. They’re also in property.  

 What is your current role?

My current role is a project manager in the commercial to residential conversion space, so a lot of my job involves managing the project lifecycle from strip out of, you know, a construction space right until the finished product and I’m involved in the sales of them, the legals, which obviously my law degree comes very handy for. I love seeing it go from an office building to what someone will then call home.  

 How did All Saints’ Academy help you pursue your career path?

All Saints’ Academy helped me pursue my career path by giving me the resilience in school, the discipline to kind of work hard and achieve what I wanted and all of my subjects really did come in handy, even down to the Health and Social Care, because I interact with a lot of different people, so it’s important to be, respectful to different kinds of people that you meet, and that can come, you know, that’s really good for my role. I meet with a lot of investors and everyone is different, so it’s good to appreciate how different people respond to different situations. Obviously, Business Studies again, was a really good all-rounder subject to have. And again, I did Law at Sixth Form. So all the contracts that I come into contact with, I just got really all good round knowledge from Sixth Form. 

 Can you tell us more about the degree you studied?

I went to the University of the West of England in Bristol, also known as UWE and I did an undergraduate qualifying Law degree. You have the option of doing a non-qualifying, but I did a qualifying. This just enabled me to pursue a career in being a Solicitor or Barrister if I wanted to. The course in itself was really good, it was really interesting. You cover things like criminal law, tort law, European Union, which at the time was very interesting because we were going through, possibly Brexit at the time. It was just brilliant to get a taste of different areas of the law and then be able to think about what I might like if I was to become a solicitor.  

 What is your biggest achievement since leaving Sixth Form?

My biggest achievement since leaving Sixth Form is probably the two businesses that we’ve gone on to set up. They’re fairly new; we only started them last year, but it was a really big step for both me and my partner. So, I would say doing that and taking the risk is definitely paying off so far. If you want it, then definitely go after it. 

Both the businesses are in property. Again, it links in with my current job and I did this because one, I love the field and two, the returns outweigh the risk sometimes. It is a very risky business. A lot of times people will tell you that, but as long as you are sensible a lot of it comes down to numbers at the end of the day so as long as you know you’re confident in your numbers and you really do your due diligence into it, then it’s a very rewarding industry to be in. 

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