Students conquer the Cotswold Hills in Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

Posted: 14th June 2024

This week 30 bronze and 35 silver students embarked on their much anticipated Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. After months of training the students were fully prepared to take on the undulating Cotswolds hills.

Day 1

The expeditions began at Cleeve Hill Golf Course, with all groups working together to navigate their way to Hayles Fruit Farm in Winchcombe. Blessed with beautiful sunny weather, the students enjoyed cooking a hot meal and setting up camp. The day concluded with fun games of football and cricket as the sun set over the picturesque Cotswolds hills.

Day 2

The bronze groups started their day at 8 am with breakfast, packed up their camps, and departed for their final journey back to Cleeve Hill Golf Course. The perfect weather conditions continued, motivating all groups to tackle the four-hour journey with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the silver groups embarked on a circular route along the Cotswold Way, heading towards Winchcombe village and returning to Hayles Fruit Farm. Group 2 stood out with their excellent navigation skills and teamwork, completing the route in just four hours.

Day 3

On the last day, the silver groups set out on their final journey after breakfast, packing away their tents for the last time. Their route took them north of Winchcombe, looping back to Cleeve Hill Golf Course. After three days of challenging yet rewarding trekking, all teams completed their expeditions successfully.

The resilience and teamwork displayed by all participants were truly commendable, as they navigated through some difficult routes. Congratulations to all the students for their remarkable achievements!

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