Key Stage 4 at All Saints’ Academy is two years long: Years 10 and 11.  This gives our students a chance to learn in greater depth in their subjects of choice enabling them to develop those passions and achieve the highest possible outcomes in Year 11.

We believe that between the core subjects that everyone studies, and the option subjects that are chosen individually, All Saints’ Academy gives everyone the experience of an outstanding education and the opportunity to have life in all its fullness.

We ask that you read the relevant booklet, ask questions and talk to your child about their interests and ambitions.  If we can help you with more information, please get in touch with Mr Sampson: GSampson@ASAChelt.org

Options Booklet Extension Pathway 2023

Options Booklet Core Pathway 2023

Options Booklet Foundation Pathway 2023

Once a decision has been made, please complete the subject choices on the MS Form here:

Extension Pathway


Core Pathway


Foundation Pathway


Subject Overview

Academy Life