Podcasts – Spill the Tea

Season 2

Episode 3 – Rachel Burgin

We had the pleasure of welcoming our guest Rachel Burgin, Rachel has been part of the LGBT+ Partnership since its creation.


Episode 3 – Cllr Max Wilkinson and Raechel Kelly

We had the pleasure of welcoming guests Cllr Max Wilkinson and Raechel Kelly from Planet Cheltenham.

The podcast involves a discussion about the important subject of climate change and how it’s being tackled locally.

Episode 2 – Evanna Lynch

We had the pleasure of welcoming our guest Evanna Lynch.

Evanna Lynch is an Irish actress, writer, vegan activist and podcaster. She is best known for portraying Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series. Following the Harry Potter films, Evanna moved to LA to study acting and get more experience in film. She spent 5 years in LA and then moved back to London to pursue her interest in theatre.

In October 2021 Evanna released her first book ‘The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting’, in which she delves into the heart of her relationship with her body during the transition from childhood to womanhood.

Episode 1 – Reid Derby

We had the pleasure of welcoming our guest Reid Derby.

Reid Derby is currently a Strategic Advisor on Innovation for the Golden Valley Development Project.

Throughout his career, Reid has been a technology leader and innovator in the UK Government leading projects in big data, open source software, and cyber security, working with a variety of startups, global technology companies and academic partners.

Reid is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET and a member of the CIISec.

Season 1

Episode 4 – Dr Rob Chapple

We had the pleasure of welcoming our guest Dr Rob Chapple.

Dr Chapple went to Sheffield Medical School 40 years ago and is soon to retire.

He is currently Senior Partner at St George’s Surgery at St Paul’s Medical Centre in Cheltenham.

He qualified in 1986 and spent 4 years working in Hospital before doing his General Practice training. At the end of this, he did 3 years of Occupational Medicine with Unilever, Vauxhall Motors and STW and was an Honorary Lecturer at Birmingham University.

Listening to his heart however he decided to return to his first love, Clinical Medicine and General Practice, and he joined St Georges Surgery in January 1995, where he has been ever since.

Dr Chapple has been a GP Trainer for over 20 years, teaching and examining medical students and training young GPs.

He is married and has four grown-up children, none of whom are doctors!

Episode 3 – Laura Tapping and Alex Wells

We had the pleasure of welcoming today’s guests Laura Tapping and Alex Wells who will talk to us about climate change.

Laura is a climate change specialist with experience in measuring and monitoring carbon footprints in the tourist industry. Laura previously specialised in carbon offsetting and is passionate about improving climate resilience within communities. She was recently appointed by Cheltenham Borough Council as the Climate Emergency Programme Officer.

Alex has also recently joined Cheltenham Borough Council as the Climate Emergency Project Support Officer. Previously Alex was an Energy Manager for a restaurant chain based near London.

Episode 2 – Morgan Baynham-Williams

We had the pleasure of welcoming today’s guest who has become somewhat of a legend in the rowing world.

Today we are really excited to get the chance to catch up with a Great British Athlete, World University Championship Gold Medalist, European Junior Championship Silver Medalist, World Champion Silver medallist, Head of the Charles Regatta winner (and world record holder by 26 seconds!) and Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race winner – Morgan Baynham-Williams

Morgan is making a stand for women in sport and we catch up with her to ‘Spill the tea’.

Episode 1 – Suzi Perry

We had the pleasure of welcoming today’s EXCITING guest Suzi Perry.

Suzi is a British television presenter, currently covering Motor GP for BT Sport. She is well known for covering MotoGP for the BBC for 13 years, The Gadget Show on channel 5 for 9 years and the BBC’s Formula One coverage from 2013 to 2015 as their first permanent female anchor. Other hosting and reporting credits have included the BBC’s live coverage of Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, The London Marathon, the Olympics, the Great North Run and the famous Boat Race.

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