Tanzania Mission Trip


To engage our students/community in an international partnership between All Saints’ Academy UK and Archbishop Kahuranaga School (AKS) Tanzania, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity, whilst continuing to build upon the ongoing partnership between the Diocese of Gloucester and the Diocese of Western Tanganyika.



Tanzania 2024 is an opportunity and experience for the few, that we would love to offer all!

Many students won’t have left the comfort and safety of Gloucestershire, let alone the UK and Tanzania 2024 provides an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity for 13 students to experience what life is like in a third world country.

Our hope is that eyes are opened, hearts are connected and inspiration is instilled from the culture, the communities and the individuals of Tanzania.



The team plan to visit AKS and share in their school life; playing the role of both student and educator; from Maths, Art,  Computer Science, to Drama.

Whilst a significant proportion of the time will be spent at AKS, the team also hope to visit other local schools both primary and secondary, as well as local community projects, such as an orphanage.

With the opportunity arising through the Diocesan Partnership, the team will also participate in local church services and church community projects.



All costings for Tanzania 2024 will be 100% fundraised.

We anticipate needing to fundraise in excess of £30,000 to cover cost of travel, vaccinations, accommodation, food, insurance.

The intention is to raise more than required, in order to be able to offer financial support to projects we come across whilst in Tanzania.

Students and staff will be tasked with raising the funds, and we will be seeking support from local businesses and organisations.

If you would like to donate to our mission trip please use the link below:


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