Life Centre

Learning Inspired for Excellence

Where every member of our extended family realises their God-given potential, inspired by John 10:10. Jesus said, “I have come so you may have life in all its fullness.”
- John 10:10

We are proud to be judged as a very inclusive Academy by Ofsted. The LIFE Centre is a provision to support any student who may have significant needs to help them achieve success in an Academy mainstream setting. The LIFE Centre team provides a curriculum that continues good academic progress alongside additional programmes to help young people who may be requiring additional support at some stage of their secondary phase in education. The LIFE Centre provision has been pivotal in changing the life chances of our young people during the most challenging of times through a personalised curriculum that has helped students to re-engage in mainstream education and achieve good examination success to move onto the next stage.

We at All Saints’ Academy recognise that for some young people accessing their learning potential can be difficult for various reasons and at different times along their educational pathway.

We are a Tier 3 inclusion support which is in line with the current National Statutory and Non-Statutory Government guidelines for an inclusive education. We aim to guide and support our young people into fulfilling their God-given potential, affording them a solid educational and spiritual foundation upon which to build their future life successes.

Our inclusive provision is a positive environment within the Academy, where the needs of the student remain at the heart of all our interventions. It is an extra structure and level of support where young people continue to learn and thrive.

The LIFE Centre offers a differentiated curriculum with strong teaching, learning and assessment.  We provide resources and lessons in which we promote and encourage student progress, with the goal of eventual reintegration back into mainstream classes for some students, as well as preparing our older students for Post-16 education. We also work closely with external course providers to ensure all of our young people have access to the appropriate course and support.

At All Saints’ Academy, we recognise that our young people need to be given ample opportunity to continue to engage, thrive and progress. The LIFE Centre is an integrated, child-centred intervention, with the needs of the young person at the heart of all it delivers.

We link closely with subject teachers/leaders, ensuring continuity of option subjects, and access to relevant learning and resources. We monitor progress and identify any need for further pastoral provision.

To provide outstanding support and reintegration, The LIFE Centre will offer our Young People:

Access to an inclusive curriculum which is tailored to the student’s needs and abilities.


  • Linking with behaviour and emotional support agencies/professionals
  • College links – vocational courses (dependent on age)
  • We offer a bespoke package of qualifications alongside traditional GCSEs: BTECs, Finance Diplomas, Prince’s Trust Award Scheme, FS Maths L1 & 2, and work skills qualifications with support from Prospect training.
  • Core GCSE subjects: English, Maths, Science & RE
  • To empower students through the teaching of moral & ethical education and values. Through courses such as PSHE LIFE SoW, Financial and Citizenship Education
  • Work placements (dependent on age) with Cheltenham Borough Homes Thrive
  • Linking with our community organisations
  • Groups and 1:1 sessions on the various learning/social & emotional needs identified
  • Virtual online learning
  • Strong SEN agency support – SENDCo, Advisory Teaching Service, links with LA Inclusion Team, Young Carers, and Social Care Teams
  • A central location for outside agencies to work closer with students, their families and staff
  • Students develop the skills and tools to improve resilience, confidence and security in their ability, which leads to progress in attainment and prospects
  • Appropriate progressive lessons that the students will relate to and want to succeed in. To be given the same opportunities and high expectations promoted across the Academy
  • Strong praise and reward systems promoting consistent positive behaviour throughout their time in the centre

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