Art with Ian Murphy

Posted: 16th January 2024

Today, a group of talented artists from All Saints’ Academy had the incredible opportunity to participate in a workshop led by renowned professional artist, Ian Murphy, at Cheltenham College. The workshop aimed to broaden the students’ artistic horizons and enhance their creative skills.

Ian Murphy captivated the students with a diverse range of techniques aimed at adding new dimensions to their artistic endeavours. His engaging session went beyond the traditional approach to art, exploring the profound concept of art therapy and delving into the metaphor that a piece of art is akin to a multi-layered cake.

During the workshop, Murphy shared valuable insights, emphasising that beneath the surface of finished artwork lies a multitude of layers, much like the layers within a cake. He encouraged students to consider the depth and meaning behind their creations, urging them to explore the various aspects of their artistic expressions.

The interactive session proved to be immensely beneficial for the students, fostering a more profound and creative approach to their work. Ian Murphy’s words resonated with the young artists, inspiring them to think beyond the superficial aspects of art and embrace the depth that lies beneath the surface.

The All Saints’ Academy community looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and artistic achievements of these students as they apply the techniques and insights gained from this enriching workshop with Ian Murphy.

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