Take a Leaf out of our Book!

Posted: 23rd July 2022

children stood in a line

Year 12 and year 11 Spirituality Leaders have been leading the way in successfully establishing a Primary Reading Buddies project with our local primary schools.  All students have volunteered to build relationships with the school and support students with their enjoyment of reading, encouraging discussion about own views to the characters/plot/themes.

Year 10 eagerly and enthusiastically took up the mantle after year 11 left! They have demonstrated exemplary communication and independently organised their readers to successfully engage in the programme logging the progress of their individual groups. Our students have enthralled eager Year 6’s with English and have helped to reassure them for September. Our students have also read with younger years who have surprised them with their reading capabilities and impressed them by their story choices. We are really excited to nurture these relationships in the next academic year.

Reading has been at the forefront of our department and will continue to be as we head into next year! Don’t forget to join your local library to take part the reading challenge and continue your adventurous journey in the land of unknown.

Happy reading!

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