Trailblazers in Technology

Posted: 7th March 2022

We have given Year 8 students a fantastic opportunity to explore new and innovative ways that Technology is being used in the 21st century. These sessions are delivered by the CyberFirst Group who pride themselves in allowing students to begin their path to the next adventure. CyberFirst was launched in May 2016 and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ.

Students worked on a number of different trailblazing skills including:

  • Go Create – Modifying HTML Webpages with text and images and using CSS to create a consistent theme.
  • The Digital Detective – Assist in finding a cure to the source of an outbreak in the UK and finding ‘Patient Zero’. Students use data sources, clues and filtering to Identify who ‘Patient Zero’ is.
  • Media Mogul – Using specialist animation software to create a 10 second advert to promote a new companies products and services. Student were able to:
    • Prepare the story, character and scene
    • Record the video and sound
    • Edit and save the advert using frames and timelines

This day has been a huge success and leads seamlessly into exciting pathways that Cyber First careers can offer, which include:

  1. Cyber First Girls Competitions
  2. Cyber First Adventures
  3. Cyber First Defenders
  4. Cyber First Futures
  5. Cyber First Advanced
  6. HMG Cyber Discovery
  7. Cyber First Bursary
  8. Cyber First Degree Apprenticeships

All which can be found at:

The students have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the delivery of these sessions by Rob, Evie and Danielle has been exciting, dynamic and entertaining. Not forgetting the freebies issued to them; Water Bottle, Notebook and Pen.

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