Launch of the Cheltenham Education Partnership

Posted: 10th November 2019

The Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP) is made up of nine schools, including Cheltenham College, as well as charities and local organisations within Cheltenham, that aim to work together to ensure that the best interests of young people are at the heart of education initiatives in Cheltenham.

The driving ambition of the Partnership is to expand the horizons of young people in Cheltenham and to help them realise their full potential regardless of their social, economic or educational background. The initiatives will develop an annual programme of events for students from partners schools, including a GCSE Latin programme, astronomy experience, sports programme and Mandarin club.

With its stated values of collaboration and co-operation, the Partnership will promote mutual respect amongst education professionals and students across the state and independent sectors, foster social cohesion in Cheltenham and encourage links between schools, colleges, universities and other sectors such as the Cheltenham Festivals, Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival, the Cheltenham Trust and GCHQ for the education and benefit of all members of the community of Cheltenham.

All Saints’ Academy is in a direct partnership with Cheltenham College as well as being part of the Cheltenham Education Partnership. Principal of All Saints’ Academy, Dermot McNiffe commented on the CEP:  “The CEP is one of the most exciting educational developments to happen in Cheltenham for many years. The CEP brings together a wide range of inspiring educational opportunities that have been coordinated across the vast majority of schools in Cheltenham with support from other Cheltenham partners, such as Cheltenham Festivals, the National Cyber Security Centre, University of Gloucestershire and many more.  This is all about providing a unique partnership that provides a wider menu of qualifications, careers and educational experiences for all our young people in Cheltenham.”

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