Year 11 students continue to excel at All Saints’ Academy

Posted: 24th August 2017

All Saints’ Academy students achieve their best ever Maths and English results in the most challenging GCSE examinations ever.  An outstanding 12% improvement at A*-C GCSE Mathematics heralded a significant amount of excellent grades at the higher level including several at the new maximum Grade 9. This puts a good number of All Saints’ students in the top 3 percent of all students nationally.

Mr Dermot McNiffe, Principal, said “This year has seen the introduction of the most challenging examinations in 30 years.  I am delighted that our students’ hard work and studiousness has paid off.

Our improved A-level and GCSE results this year reflects our drive for all students to succeed, underpinned by the highest standards in teaching, learning and discipline.   This day marks the start of a future where All Saints’ Academy students will increasingly stand shoulder to shoulder with the highest achieving students in the country”.  

Year 11 student, Tom Miles achieved exceptional GCSE results gaining 2 Grade 8s, 3 A*s and 5 A grades. Tom will be studying Computing, Business and Maths at A-level at All Saints’ next year. Tom said ‘I am shocked, in a good way of course. I worked hard in my lessons and am happy with my results.'

Ceri MavinCeri, Head Girl, achieved 2 Grade 8s, 3 A*s and 3 A grades. Ceri, who will  be studying A-level Maths, History and Physics this year said, 'I wasn't too worried coming in to collect my results as I had worked really hard. I am very pleased with the grades I achieved.'

Jan Skowron achieved 2 Grade 8s, 2 A*s and 4 A grades, Jan will start studying A-level Chemistry, History and Sociology at All Saints’ this year. He said, 'I'm very happy with my results.' 

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