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Posted: 19th January 2017


Jake SollarsJake Sollars studied Media Production, Music, IT and Travel & Tourism at All Saints' Academy Sixth Form. 

He is currently at University of Salford studying Film Production.

‘My first term has been hard. I did question a few times whether to stay, it was hard to move away from family and friends. Manchester is a big city, much bigger than Cheltenham and it took a little while to get into the lifestyle. Making new friends and meeting new teachers was difficult as  All Saints’ was a bit like a family as I had been there since it opened in 2011. We have already had the opportunity to make a short film in which I took the role of cameraman which was great.’

'I live in student halls which are about 40 minutes away from university but only 10 minutes from town which has its perks. My highlight of university life so far has been being offered a part-time ‘Runner’ job for ITV. I have so far worked on Coronation Street, The Voice and Jeremy Kyle. On the first day of university there was a Runner advert asking for people to apply for the position, you had to send a video of yourself and why you were right for that role. I did that along with an application form detailing my experience and a little showreel of the projects I had previously worked on. I think the projects I had worked on alongside my catering experience helped me get the job. My first couple of shifts involved getting coffee for cameramen and directors, but in TV this is where most people start out. You need to work hard and impress to work your way up the TV/Film ladder. When I did some running on The Voice I was the person calling people in for their auditions which was fun (even if it was in the rain). I have also been working in the ITV bar which is cool as I get to meet lots of different people in the industry.'

'When I started All Saints’ I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. All Saints’ changed my perspective on things, by Sixth Form I had a lot more confidence. In younger years I wasn’t very academically gifted. I went towards film as I felt like this was something I could excel at. In Year 10 & 11 I became more interested in being behind the camera rather than in front of it and sought out Mrs Edgar for help as I knew she had experience in the media industry. She helped provide me with opportunities to film as part of a crew but also the chance to do filming stand-alone.'

'I have achieved what I thought wasn’t possible – to get to university and be able to go out and film/interview people. All Saints’ was monumental in developing my confidence to what it is today.’

Jake took part in many film projects at All Saints’ such as;

  • A specially commissioned Gloucester Diocese film that was played at the Bishop’s Education Conference
  • Filming the Junior Chef Final
  • The official promo of Swim the Big Blue challenge
  • Britain’s Got Talent green room interviews
  • A couple of films for CCP in collaboration with Pink Elephant PR
  • A full length documentary on the teachers at All Saints’ Academy

Shahne Vickery, Education Advisor at Gloucester Diocese said ‘Everyone who has seen the video has been really moved. It is amazing! It’s been fantastic working with you.’

Mrs Edgar, PR & Communications Manager at All Saints’ Academy said ‘Jake achieved so much whilst he was at All Saints’ Academy. He is such a friendly and enthusiastic person, it was a privilege to provide filming opportunities for him to push himself and excel. I am so thrilled that he was chosen to be a runner for ITV, this is a massive chance to network with media professionals and get ‘a foot in the door’ in a very competitive industry. To do this in the first semester in the first year at university is very impressive. Well done Jake, we are very proud of you!’

You can see some of the projects Jake worked on below:

Gloucester Diocese: Who we are together from All Saints Academy on Vimeo.



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