CCF Competition

Posted: 16th January 2017

The morning started at 7.30am at the rainy dark gates of ASA. Cadets arrived in good spirits, if a little sleepy.

Arriving at RAF Cosford we were ushered straight to the gym for a bleep test. Valiant efforts from Trenton and Alex Regan and an outstanding level of effort from Declan left us feeling excited for the day. First Aid next where both teams performed well with knowledge and cool heads being praised.

Our nemesis Drill came next, yes it wasn't perfect, but the team never stopped trying, never let their heads drop.

On to the Command Task – our strongest element, showing amazing team work and some excellent singing!

5 cadets then got to shoot on a DCCT range, special shout out to Jose who got 12/20 on his second ever attempt at shooting.

Finally were the mental elements of Aircraft recognition and RAF knowledge.. maybe a little more homework required!

At 4.45 we gathered for the awards, surrounded by teams with 14 members (we had 7) and all very experienced, we were pretty sure that we would not place in the categories but proud of our achievements still. The awards came and went, and as predicted we didn't win our way through to the national competition…

But then…Squadron Leader Taylor stood up and said there was one last award.

The core values of the RAF are:

Respect: Mutual and Self Respect

Integrity: Moral Courage – Honesty – Responsibility – Justice

Service: Physical Courage – Loyalty – Commitment – Teamwork

Excellence: Personal Excellence – Discipline – Pride

He said that there was one team that that displayed these values throughout the day.. and that was All Saints' Academy.

We have a shield arriving next time Sgt Cooper is in.

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