Africa Fast

Posted: 5th December 2016

After the excitement of the previous night, the Africa team were straight into their next fundraising mission – the annual sponsored 24 hour fast. This is a fantastic event that the whole school gets behind. 52 students signed up to take part and not eat a single thing for 24 hours. The event started with an early lunch, thank you to Phil and the kitchen staff for helping with this. Then period 5 was over and the real fun began. Students were sent to get changed and meet in the hall for a briefing. 

Students were provided with a large amount of activities to choose from,
as an attempt to ignore any rumbling tummies. Fifa lounge, Karaoke and trampolining were among the things that students could take part in. The students also took part in an assembly, which provided the students with an opportunity to reflect on the reasons
for the fast and be grateful for all that we have in this country. More activities
to follow and then bed time. On Saturday morning a slightly subdued but determined group ventured outside for wake and shake, followed by more activities. All too soon, it was 1 o clock and the 24 hours were up. Students and staff alike queued for their
soup, kindly provided by Mrs Derwent and the DT team. Every student taking part collected sponsorship and the final total for this event will be released in the next ASA Today issue. The Africa team would like to thank all the staff that took part in the event, with particular mention to Mrs Townsley and Miss McClelland who stayed overnight.

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