Daffodil Tea

Posted: 4th March 2016

To celebrate Mothering Sunday, ASA Chaplaincy hosted our third annual Daffodil Tea on Friday 4th March at 11.30am. Parents and carers were invited to come along, some had attended before while for many it was their first attendance. Students met with their guests in reception and escorted them to the Dance Studio, where they were invited to sit back and relax while being served tea, coffee, cake and biscuits by the students. Students then came forward and received their own refreshments. I must say the students were very attentive and looked after their guests most diligently. The tea lasted for an hour and provided a great opportunity for all present to chat and enjoy their time together, there was a real buzz in the room. Principal, Mr McNiffe, dropped in for a cup of tea and to speak with families. At the end of the tea the students presented their guests with a bunch of daffodils tied up with ribbon.

There were many positive comments by both students and guests.

My thanks to Miss Wellington for her help with the event.

Mrs C Spence

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