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Where every member of our extended family realises their God-given potential, inspired by John 10:10. Jesus said, “I have come so you may have life in all its fullness.”

John 10:10

It is my pleasure to welcome you to All Saints’ Academy, Cheltenham.

At All Saints’ Academy, there is a passion to achieve excellence in all that we do through living out our Christian values of love, peace, justice, respect, reconciliation and service to others. Our Academy is a ‘Good’ School and is one of the best performing schools for GCSE outcomes in the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury area. The Academy has excellent, modern facilities and a staff team who are passionate and driven to provide a caring learning environment for all students to enjoy success.

Main School

Main School


I have been a pupil at All Saints’ Academy since I joined in year 7, and during my time here, I have been provided with many opportunities to excel as a student. Because of this, I had the freedom of picking from a range of Sixth forms, including several grammar schools. While all of these new possibilities looked appealing, I realised that All Saints’ Academy Sixth Form could offer me what no other school could – a sense of community, security and an environment driven by ambition and pride for their students. The support that staff provide is unmatched, and the passion that the teachers have for their subjects is incredibly motivating.

Sofiya, Student

I have really enjoyed my All Saints’ Academy journey so far. My favourite subject is physics because I love studying space and the life of stars. Mr Nicklin is my favourite teacher because he is funny and has been really supportive with my English work.

Rowan, Student

Being at All Saints’ Academy has been a time I will never forget. The school allowed me to find myself and grow as a person. The teachers have been great at supporting me. I personally love art and have loved seeing subjects such as drama, music and art become more mainstream. Miss Ward is such a wonderful teacher, she has made art feel like a safe space, and it makes the subject so enjoyable.

Hasset, Student

At All Saints’ Academy every student gets a unique experience. You get the opportunity to study what you are passionate about and this choice is encouraged throughout your school career. It doesn’t matter if you love the arts, the sciences or maths what you love becomes what you learn.

Amie, Student

After achieving high grades at GCSE, I decided to remain at All Saints’ Academy’s Sixth Form as I felt well supported and motivated throughout the GCSE period and I knew that the staff would continue this into A-Levels. I enjoyed my subjects and feel they have allowed me to have a range of opportunities which enabled me to build a strong personal statement for applying to universities. Also, when transitioning into A-Level drama in Year 12, I felt welcomed and included instantly, which has resulted in having an increase in confidence in order to take part in the school production opportunities.

Shana, Class of 2020

I enjoyed how much support we received in the performing arts, both from teachers and other students. It’s was like being a part of a family that helps you reach your highest potential, yet keeps you well grounded.

Jose, Class of 2020

The teaching staff at Sixth Form are great. I was always supported in and out of lesson and I could get help whenever I needed it. There’s always plenty of opportunities and I felt as if my ideas were always heard by staff. I felt super comfortable in all my options.

Mat, Class of 2020

The opportunities available to the children are exceptional and the teachers always work hard to ensure that each pupil has the chance to fulfil their individual potential. I too get involved by attending the Parent Voice meetings four times a year- this is a great opportunity to discuss school life with other parents and to provide feedback and recognition to the school.

Tara Kelman

I really feel from speaking with the staff that Mr McNiffe is leading from the top and his approach and his style filters down to the staff and there is a genuine atmosphere of family when you walk around the school and that makes a much better learning environment, the sense of all children being included as much as they possibly can. There is a great pastoral team here so if there are issues then there is a great team that can pick these up and work with any concerns that your child has.’

Lynda Taverner

I highly recommend anyone considering All Saints’ Academy for further education. My daughter’s experience and education there was the foundation for her future she is now exploring at university. We had moved from outside the UK and had no idea where or who would best help her complete her A levels. Other schools were vague and apathetic. All Saints’ Academy from the very first interview were engaged and enthusiastic. We will forever be grateful that we chose All Saints’ Academy with the trust of our daughter’s education and guidance.

Scott Craven
Sixth Form

Sixth Form


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