Senior Leadership Team

Mr McNiffe - Principal

Mr Wilkinson - Vice Principal

Mrs Cummings - Vice Principal

Mrs Peck - Business Manager

Mr Simcox - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mr Bradley - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mr Nicklin - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mrs Cain - Assistant Vice Principal 


Head of Years

Mrs Mitchell - Progress Leader of Year 7 & Leader of Westminster

Mr Pierce - Head of Year 8 & Leader of Durham

Mrs Crawford - Head of Year 9 & Leader of Canterbury

Miss Pettit - Head of Year 10 & Leader of York

Mr Fergurson - Head of Year 11

Mr Simcox - Head of Year 12 & 13



Mr Mudge: Head of SENCo

Mrs Webb: Intervention Teacher


Teaching Staff



Mrs Battershill - Head of English

Mr Griffin - Second in English 

Mr Wright - Head of Media

Mr Kendry - Teacher of English & Media

Mrs King - Teacher of English

Miss Clarke - Teacher of English & Drama 

Mr Nicklin - Teacher of English

Miss Owen - English Teacher

Miss Grove - English Teacher and EAL Support



Miss Baynham-Williams - Head of Drama

Mr Aitchison - Teacher of Music & Drama



Miss Wife - Head of Maths

Mr Parkinson - Assistant Head of Maths

Mr Wilkinson - Teacher of Maths

Mr A Rooke - Teacher of Maths

Mr Dixon - Teacher of Maths

Miss Plummer - Teacher of Maths

Mr Bagnall - Maths Support



Mrs Watt - Head of Science (Maternity Leave)

Miss Ayling - Assistant Head of Science

Mr Mudge - Assistant Head of Science

Mrs Hencher - Teacher of Science

Mr Chapman - Teacher of Science

Mrs Adsett - Teacher of Science

Mr Bradley - Teacher of Science

Mrs Snape - Teacher of Science (Maternity Leave)

Mr Hall - Teacher of Science

Mr Jones - Teacher of Science


Religious Education

Mr Caheny - Head of RE

Miss McClelland - Teacher of RE

Mr Pinless - Teacher of RE & Chaplain

Miss Scott-Johnson - Teacher of RE

Miss Savory - Teacher of RE

Miss Lewis - Teacher of RE


Physical Education

Mrs Minto - Head of PE

Mr Pierce - Assistant Head of PE

Mr Rollason - Teacher of PE

Miss Oldham - Teacher of PE

Miss Barrett - Teacher of PE & Dance 

Miss Morley - Teacher of PE and Health & Social Care

Mr Ferguson - Teacher of PE

Mrs Townsley - Teacher of Dance 



Mrs Austin - Head of Music

Mr Aitchison - Teacher of Music & Drama



Mrs Bayliss - Head of Art

Miss Ward - Teacher of Art

Mr Chilman - Teacher of Photography 



Mrs Tupper - Head of History (Maternity Leave)
Miss Lewis - Teacher of History 
Miss Hunter-Miller - Teacher of History


Mrs Sallis - Head of Geography

Mr Simcox - Teacher of Geography


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Le Marechal - Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Ledingham - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (Maternity Leave)

Miss Lobb - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Crawford - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Business Studies

Mr Kelly - Head of Faculty: Technology, ICT & Business

Miss Pettit - Teacher of Business Studies

Mr Kerr - Teacher of Business Studies


Design Technology

Mrs Derwent - Head of DT

Miss Holland - Assistant Head of DT

Mr Shergold - Head of Engineering and Construction



Mrs Odedra - Head of ICT

Miss Wellington - Teacher of ICT & Film Studies


Beauty and Hair

Mrs Snape - Head of Vocational Subjects (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Shaheen: - Teacher of Beauty & Hair (Maternity Cover)



Miss Scott-Johnson - Head of Psychology & Sociology

Mrs Boyle - Teacher of Psychology


Learning Supervisor

Mr Rooke



Mrs Francis - Alternative Provision Manager

Mr Guilbert - Alternative Provision Assistant

Mrs Korszniak - PACE Support


Support Staff

Miss Baker - Clerk to Governors

Mrs Edgar - PR & Marketing Manager

Mrs Jennings - Lead Administrator/Cover Administrator

Miss Jones - Gateway Learning Hub Manager

Mrs Jordan - HR Officer

Mrs Kear - Receptionist

Mrs Midwinter - Admin Assistant/Sixth Form Support

Mr Newstead- Attendance Officer

Mrs Tiller - PA to the Principal

Mr Vaughan - Exams & Assessment Officer

Mrs Williams - HR Assistant


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bayliss

Mrs Clarke

Miss Clements

Mrs Hamblin

Mrs Jackson


Pastoral Team

Mrs Parr - Pastoral Manager - Post 16/Careers advice
Mrs A Taylor - Pastoral Manager
Mr Holder - Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs J Taylor - Personal Education Co-ordinator


Mrs Spence - Roman Catholic Lay Chaplain

Mr Pinless - Anglican Chaplain & Teacher of RE



Mr Cameron - Data Manager


Finance Team

Mrs Pearson - Finance Officer

Mrs Wright - Finance Officer



Mr Broady - Co-Network Manager

Mr Lake - Co-Network Manager

Mrs Magee - Design Technology Technician

Miss Manning - Senior Science Technician

Miss Smith - Reprographics Assistant

Mrs Warburton - Science Technician



Mr Burn - Site and Community Manager

Mr Day - Premises Manager



Mr Burn - Site and Community Manager

Miss Smith - Community Supervisor

Mr Evans - Community Assistant

Mrs Derrick - Community Assistant

Mr Taylor - Community Assistant

Mr Pockett - Community Assistant

Miss Morgan - Community Assistant


School Sports Network

Mr Derrick - School Sports Network Manager

Mrs Quinn - Primary PE Curriculum Specialist