Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and is an inspirational subject that will change the way you think about things forever. As you study human behaviour, and why we behave the way we do, it encourages you to adopt an open mind and become an analytical thinker. By studying Psychology, you will be prepared for future study and careers by developing independent learning and thinking skills, as well as an understanding of the many important factors that affect our behaviour. The course is taught through interactive activities and students will have opportunities to complete their own research. 

You may want to know what causes mental illness, or why we become attracted to others. Whatever your particular interest, if you would like to understand both yourself and others better, Psychology is the subject for you! 

Psychology can lead to specific careers in occupational, clinical or forensic psychology, criminology, advertising and marketing, counselling and therapy, but it is also a useful qualification to have if you are thinking of any career that involves dealing with people (almost everything!) An understanding of psychological procedures and principles would also be useful in careers such as teaching, health service related occupations, law (including police) and social work. 

Course Outline 

The A Level is a two year course which comprises of three units of work: 

Unit 1: Social Influence, memory, attachment, psychopathology 

Unit 2: Approaches, Biopsychology, Research methods 

Unit 3: Issues & Debates, Schizophrenia, Relationships, Addiction 


The A Level is assessed after two years with three written exams, all of equal weighting and each lasting 2 hours. There is no coursework. 


GCSE Grade 6 in Science 

GCSE Grade 5 in English and Maths 

What students say: 

“Psychology is one of the most interesting subjects I’ve ever studied! Having a teacher who helps out with any misunderstandings makes it available to any students with different learning styles!” 

“Teachers are supportive and always able to help out and they make the lessons fun.”