Community pull together to Run-Bike-Row to Tanzania

Posted: 22nd April 2024

Today, we wrapped up our Run-Bike-Row fundraiser at Energie Fitness, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards supporting the Tanzania mission.

Students and staff from All Saints’ Academy joined forces to raise funds for our upcoming trip to Tanzania. The challenge was straightforward yet demanding: cover 6,980km, mirroring the distance from Cheltenham to Kasulu in Tanzania.

We extend our thanks to Energie Fitness for their generous support and hospitality throughout this challenge. Their open invitation to their gym community resulted in an impressive display of solidarity, with gym users contributing their cardio efforts towards our collective goal. Together, we’ve raised an impressive £1,203.

On April 22nd, our team of 11 students completed the final 115km, achieving our ambitious target in a final united spin session!

This mission holds deep significance as it marks our return to Tanzania. Since our initial visit in 2014, we’ve forged a meaningful partnership with Archbishop Kahurananga School, supporting the Gloucester Diocese’s work in the region. We’re excited to rekindle this partnership and provide our students with a transformative cultural and spiritual experience.

On July 9th, 2024, our team of students and staff will embark on this journey. Through rigorous selection, these students have demonstrated exceptional dedication to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Our 2024 team will visit the Archbishop Kahurananga School and immerse themselves in school life, assuming the roles of both students and educators across various subjects, from Maths and Art to Computer Science and Drama.

Additionally, the team will visit other local primary and secondary schools, as well as participate in local community projects, including visits to orphanages. Using the opportunity provided by the Diocesan Partnership, the team will also engage in local church services and community projects.

While we’ve made significant progress, we still need your support to reach our £35,000 target. Currently, we’ve raised £33,200, thanks to the sponsorship from Gloucester Diocese and the support of our community. Your continued support is crucial as we strive to make a lasting impact in Tanzania.

If you would like to donate to our mission trip please use the link provided:


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