Year 8 Students Explore Science Beyond Classroom Walls

Posted: 14th March 2024

This week, Year 8 students embarked on an educational journey to Oxford, exploring two prestigious museums: the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

At the Pitt Rivers Museum, students delved into the history of human civilization, examining artefacts and artworks from various cultures around the world. They then ventured to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, where they encountered dinosaur fossils and learned about the processes of evolution and extinction.

The trip provided an opportunity for students to connect their classroom learning to real-world examples, with topics such as photosynthesis and plant life finding relevance in the exhibits they explored.

As they return to the Academy, students carry with them a broader understanding of science and its applications in the world around them. This trip has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and inspired further exploration of the wonders of the natural world.

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