Make Plastic Fantastic Competition Entries

Posted: 18th May 2022

All Saints’ Academy students have been hard at work submitting entries for the Cheltenham Education Partnership’s ‘Make Plastic Fantastic’ Competition. The competition gives pupils the opportunity to win prizes and have their work displayed at the ‘Change Makers’ exhibition on 17th June and the Christian Arts Exhibition on the 18th June.

Head of Art & DT Faculty Mrs Bayliss said ‘I am incredibly proud of how hard all of the students worked to complete their pieces. The Year 10 girls even came in during the Easter holidays!’

KS3 Entries

‘The World is in our hands’ by Fatma, Year 9

I was inspired by the Artist Fan Zi Xi to create a piece showing how humans are damaging the planet.

My work shows a hand placing plastic on Planet Earth, which shows how we are destroying the environment for our own benefit. The world  still has places that are not being touched by the plastic showing how we still have hope and we can still rescue our precious planet.




‘Notature’ by Wiktoria, Year 9

Georgia O’Keeffe has inspired my artwork through the simplicity and abstraction of her paintings. I chose to make a bouquet of flowers because they are a part of nature’s beauty. One of O’Keeffe’s most famous paintings was ‘Jim’s weed’ which shows beautiful, brightly coloured flowers. I have made my flowers out of bright plastics to show how lovely the natural world is and how full of colours it is, but also how ugly it can become due to plastics.




KS4 Entries

‘Ray of Hope’ by Andreea, Year 10

For my piece, I decided to create a sunflower using different size bottles in order to emphasise how plastic pollution affects nature in many different ways, destroying environments and animal habitats. My piece celebrates nature and shows the positive side of how plastic can be used to build something significant to an individual. I specifically wanted to build a sunflower since it can create a sense of happiness and joy when directly looked at and it also gives hope of a change being made regarding this matter of plastic pollution.



‘The imprisoned Fish’ by Kaci, Year 10

Over the course of creating this piece, I have intended the initial idea to be a polluted wave destroying the freedom of the fish, which is lost due to our everyday items that we abandon to the sea. The recycled mesh, to me, symbolises the cage in which we have created as a society that imprisons our marine life. Finally, as for the fish being more vibrant in colour than the wave, I think it highlights the need to save these beautiful creatures from the infected wave destroying its habitat. It is illustrating our need to focus on the fish and the reality of its impending peril.

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