Cyber workshops for primaries

Posted: 28th March 2022

On Thursday 17th March 2022, All Saints’ Academy proudly welcomed Year 5 students from Springbank Primary Academy to take part in an exciting and interactive Cyber workshop using BBC micro:bits.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass, Bluetooth technology, Gyro capabilities, speakers, and many more exciting features.  

Students had an hour-long session, led by myself, Mr Samrai and my department and were able to code, explore, learn and most importantly, enjoy a hands-on approach to block coding using the BBC micro:bits and accessories. Included in the program of study, students were tasked with several challenges, which included: A Flashing LED Heart and Dog, displaying string text, creating short musical tunes, looping events, and even creating a short interactive game.

What made this session extra special, is the relationships and links that both All Saints’ Academy and Springbank Primary Academy can achieve, along with being lifelong partners, ensuring students can move forward in this ever expanding, changing, and demanding ‘Digital Age’.

The students happily demonstrated their coding ability and were loving the freedom to be creative and try out new programming styles. To finish off, the Year 5 students were issued a BBC micro:bit tutorial guide (allowing them to continue their development), along with some All Saints’ Academy freebies, which they were eagerly excited for.

I was delighted to share this amazing opportunity with our young learners and future students in years to come. I am already planning and looking forward to the next session and cannot wait to invite the students back. They were a credit to the school and should be very proud of what they have achieved.


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