Alumnus Nick’s film features at COP26

Posted: 11th January 2022

Nick Davis at COP26

Nick Davis, 24, studied Creative Media Production, Hospitality and Catering, Music Technology and IT at All Saints’ Academy Sixth Form. He graduated with a First Class Honours in TV Production from the University of Gloucestershire.

Nick is currently working for One Young World as a Digital Summit Content Manager.

What opportunities have you had since leaving university and what role are you doing now/where are you working etc?

Since leaving university I’ve worked a range of contracted and freelance jobs including working on TV shows for BBC, Channel 4 & ITV including Little Mix the Search & Britain’s Got Talent, I’ve been the Main Stage Camera Head of Department at Insomnia Gaming Festival and currently I am the Digital Summit Content Manager at One Young World in London. This role sees me leading on our video output for our Tokyo Summit as well as coming up with new content ideas across all of our channels.

This role sees me filming and editing often and working on many international projects. I’ve worked on content with VIPs such as Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Terry Crews, a whole host of Governments from Palau to Colombia and even those developing Vaccines at AstraZeneca and Oxford.

What opportunities were you given at All Saints’ Academy to help pursue your chosen career path?

Whilst at ASA – much like my time at university – I took on as many opportunities as I could to grow my experience in the areas I wanted to work in. This mainly included filming and editing projects both internally for courses and externally for clients. The Creative Media Production course and Mrs Edgar (PR and Communications Manager) were extremely supportive of this and acted as a bridge between me and opportunities with businesses and individuals.

Tell us about your opportunity to go to COP26 along with all the world leaders?

One Young World was at COP26 in Glasgow from October 31st to November 11th. COP – Conference of Parties-is the annual UN Climate Conference designed to bring world leaders and those affected (everyone) together to plan the next steps for us as a human race to make.

One Young World was present both on The Ferry at The Extreme Hangout on the River Clyde – where we created 11 days of content and in the GreenZone where we put on four special sessions.

I also had the absolute pleasure of being contracted by World YMCA and YMCA Scotland to direct, produce and edit 6 short documentaries. This included work from 7 international shoots that premiered at COP26 in the GreenZone! To see the stream from the GreenZone film premiere and panel click here:

The most inspiring part for me was listening to and interviewing the extremely passionate and intelligent young activists who are working to fight the climate crisis everyday.


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