Year 9 Drama star lands a place with top agency!

Posted: 29th October 2020

Lucy We are thrilled to announce that year 9 Drama student, Lucy, has received an offer of a place at ‘APA Talent’ and now has her own professional casting agent. Lucy has shown her passion for performing since joining us at All Saints’ landing lead roles in our whole academy productions such as ‘Little Cosette’ in ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Jane Banks’ in ‘Mary Poppins Jr’.

Lucy has captivated our audiences and has had members of our surrounding community in awe through her many performances with us, so we are absolutely thrilled to see that Lucy is now looking for professional castings in film, TV, voiceovers, and commercials.

The application process was a gruelling one, so we congratulate Lucy on her huge achievement in being successful in all the application stages. Lucy was accepted after submitting her monologue performance of ‘Ellie’s scarf’ and has shown her resilience and determination to thrive by completing her auditions virtually throughout lockdown and in the current unprecedented circumstances that we find ourselves in. Lucy will now get her professional headshots done for her acting CVs to be handed out to all potential casting opportunities and will start her journey by setting up her Spotlight account that all professional actors and actresses in the industry begin with.

We are so proud of Lucy and all that she has achieved so far and wish her all the luck on her journey into the industry. We know that this is the beginning for our Year 9 Drama star and there will always be a place for Lucy on the All Saints’ Academy stage.

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