Alumnus Jake sets his sights on a Masters after graduating

Posted: 14th September 2020

We caught up with alumnus Jake Parker who graduated from the University of Gloucestershire this year with 2:1. Jake studied TV Production.

During his time at All Saints’ Jake took part in many filming projects and we are so pleased he is now also studying for his masters in Film at the University of Gloucestershire.

What was your biggest achievement at university?

Being able to decide my future career path and using skills I had learnt to get in contact with celebrities and experienced professionals to help on university projects.

What did you enjoy most about your course at the university?

The course was amazing in different ways from the tech to the different films we made every semester. Every module helped me build up another skill and I improved after every one. The university also gave us an opportunity to go and see professional environments like taking a trip to BBC The Farm in Bristol or going to career fairs. The university always wanted us to get involved and show us what it takes to conquer our dreams. One of the best bits in my opinion was working with a group of people that had the same passions and dreams as me and wasn’t scared to make their mark on the industry.

I believe you did placements as part of your university course, can you tell us a bit about that?

The placement module is one of the best experiences to gain at university. This gives you the opportunity to understand the field you are studying and gives you hands on experience and an insight into the industry. The module showed us how to construct our CV to an industry standard and also helped us build a cover letter that supported my experience. During my third year I was really honoured to work on show’s like DIY SOS, Celebrity Juice, Doctor Who and even got credits on independent films. These placements helped me build up credibility for myself and gave me contacts for future employers.

What advice would you give to our Sixth Form students?

Jumping from Sixth Form to university can be very academically challenging but don’t panic. The experience is incredible and you will gain so many new skills for your career and in life. so my advice is to jump and take the chance and if you’re not sure what the right path is that’s okay you will. It’s about the journey.

How did All Saints’ Academy Sixth Form help you in reaching your goals for university?

During my time at ASA I struggled a lot with certain subjects and I did feel quite low that my academic abilities weren’t strong. The teachers helped me build my skills and confidence in a more creative away that led me down a path that I would soon call my ambition. I remember going on small filming projects with a fellow subject just to understand the tech and to see if this was truly the path I wanted to take. Media was always a subject I looked forward to and if it wasn’t for Mr Wright and Mr Clarkson’s charisma to make the subject so interesting and appealing I might have never found my passion.

The biggest thanks will have to go to Mrs Austin who built up my confidence to take a chance on my dreams and Mrs Edgar who sat down with many times to help me with career paths, understanding the industry and passing on her wisdom from her own experience I wouldn’t have gone to university and graduated.

What were your highlights at All Saints’ Sixth Form?

During my time at ASA there were so many highlights it’s hard to recall them all. A couple of the best moments was going to Harry Potter studios with the media class and making videos for so many people.

What are you hoping to do now you have graduated?

My plan is to carry on my studies and complete my masters degree in Film and aim to improve my grade. I will also be getting contact with my placements this year and aim to try and get my foot in the door in the TV world.


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