All Saints’ put on a dreamy performance at The Roses Theatre

Posted: 6th November 2019


Review by Miss Rawlings

On a cold winters evening a packed audience were transported to a sublime and balmy Athens for a Midsummer Night’s Dream. All Saints' Academy’s very own talented drama students offered their audience a delightful performance at Tewkesbury’s Roses Theatre as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. They certainly did themselves proud as their enchanting performance entertained and captivated their crowd during their re-imagining of one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies. With a simple yet eye-catching set the swing with the twinkling lights offered an example of a simple yet effective set design. Each and every one of the students who participated in Shakespeare’s festival really bought their ‘A’ game. The acting was superb, with performances that showed no hint of nerves and projected their lines flawlessly. The humour was in abundance and the crowd around me laughed out loud and in all the right places myself included.

This multi-talented bunch offered a showcase of impressive vocals and some thoughtful choreography with some well-considered and well placed contemporary music. Injecting a 21stcentury appeal into a play written over 500 years ago. This was a sophisticated performance throughout and you could really see the effort everybody made. These students know their craft and through the expert direction of Miss Baynham – Williams demonstrated awareness of theatrical techniques including for example breaking the fourth wall (BLACKOUT!)

I felt privileged watching these star students perform confidently and so professionally they surely did themselves, their families and our Academy proud. In short the performance was nothing short of ‘dreamy’ an absolute delight to watch. Congratulations to all the staff and students involved; your hard work certainly paid off.


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