Alumnus Thomas plans sponsored Machu Picchu Trek

Posted: 19th February 2018

Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 10.18.51All Saints' Academy Sixth Form alumnus Thomas Etheredge is hoping to go on a trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, in order to raise money and awareness for the charity 'The Children's Society'.

Thomas is currently a first year student at the University of Bath studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He graduated All Saints' Academy in the summer of 2016 with an A in Mathematics, an A in Physics and a B in Psychology; as well as achieving an A* in his EPQ about the Expansion of the Universe.

The sponsored trek will take six days to walk from the Peruvian city of Cusco, passing Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 10.26.28glaciers and thick jungle, to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. The Andes mountains reach up to 13,800 ft and promise a physically challenging journey, but it be an incredible experience due to the amazing environment we will be traversing.

The Children’s Society provides help and support to children and young adults who are experiencing difficult times in their lives, including those who are victims of abuse, addiction, neglect or loneliness amongst other issues. The charity also aids refugees and those escaping war torn- countries.

Childrenssocietylogo 580x358Their primary way of offering help is by providing intensive frontline services situated around the UK; so that those in distress can discuss their problems and find support in an environment where they feel safe.

The Children’s Society is on the front line of social change. The charity works to expose current issues that haven’t yet been addressed and provides viable solutions to these problems through their campaign work.

I think The Children’s Society is a worthy cause to support as unfortunately there are many children and young people who do not receive the care or affection they need, and so it is important to create situations where they can be looked after.

If you would like to help Thomas and The Children's Society please see the link below to donate to this sponsored trek:


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