Students amaze at The Roses Theatre

Posted: 22nd November 2017

Twenty nine students from Year 8 – 11 took to the Roses Theatre stage in Tewkesbury on 15th November. 

The students gave a fantastic performance to a packed auditiorium. Special mentions go to Chantae Sellers, Peter Etheredge, Callum Bell, Tamzyn Regan and Harvey White who all put in outstanding performances.

Mr Aitchison who directed the production and added a modern twist on the Shakespearean play enabling students to fully understand and engage with the text.

All Saints' Academy Principal Dermot McNiffe said 'The performance was an amazing portrayal of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The student's personification of the characters was very strong.'

A representative from Shakespeare Schools Festival said 'They gave us a really focussed and slick delivery. I loved the intelligent use of imagery as Caesar was carried over the crowd, what a clever way to do that.The ensemble continued to support the action extremely well especially during the murder of Caesar, I loved that scene. There was excellent time and movement, far ranging imagery and in sync choreography. The proxemics of the space during the 'let us be satisfied' Brutus scene gave a tense and dramatic feel. The response of the ensemble driving the mood of the people professionally. I really loved with this piece the level of play and experimentation that had clearly happened in the rehearsal room. That is how you get those really nuance movements, that are interesting and great to watch. Play is the epicentre of theatre and Donald Trump terrified me! For me Julius Caesar was gigantic, just and juicy!




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