St Greg’s pupils experience secondary Science

Posted: 28th January 2016

Over the past two weeks, All Saints' Academy teachers have been working with students and staff from The Catholic School of St. Gregory the Great on a Science teaching project. We jointly planned a lesson to be taught at St. Greg’s about the properties of materials and then hosted the Year 5 students back here at ASA for an interactive lesson about solids, liquids and gases. Students experienced our Science laboratories and were able to use our equipment. We investigated the properties of different solids, liquids and gases by sorting samples into groups. All the Year 5 students were a bit flummoxed by honey and jelly because they show some properties from solids and some from liquids. The lesson finished with students observing the temperature of stearic acid to make a cooling curve. They could see that materials lose energy as they cool and this is why liquids solidify if they get cold enough.

All the Year 5 students and staff from St. Greg’s are invited back to ASA for a Science and Engineering Day on Thursday 11th February. They are going to be building towers to support an egg and also engineering a vessel to carry cargo that could survive a 2 metre drop. The atmosphere in the laboratories was fantastic and the students left with massive smiles on their faces. We look forward to welcoming them back in two weeks time.


Mrs Cain

Assistant Principal

Academy Life