Online Safety

On 9th March a singer/songwriter called Rich Cottell visited All Saints’ Academy because he wanted to talk to people about his own experiences with cyber-bullying. He was very interactive with the students and most of them had a great time. This was an excellent opportunity for students to be more aware of what is happening on the internet.

Students said:     

“Very different”-   Jasmine     “Very funny and happy person”- Sonny   

“He was very new and original” – Emma 

When asked whether they had changed how they act on the internet after the talk, most people said yes but some had already been cautious of how they use the internet.

One story he shared with us was when he was at a school to perform his music. He noticed a girl, nobody was sitting near her. He asked a member of staff, who then told him this girl had been off for nearly three-and-a half months. She was in hospital recovering from two broken kneecaps. She was pressurised to send an inappropriate image via Snapchat to her boyfriend. It then went viral. As a result, she became so embarrassed and depressed she tried to take her own life by jumping off a bridge. Luckily, she survived but was in hospital hence the long absence. Once he heard this story, he started to change the way he uses the internet and campaigns against cyber-bullying.

He gave some tips about how to keep safe on social media so we can stay happy and so can others.

His advice: Put your personal accounts on private, think about what you are posting and ask yourself before posting anything, would you be happy if it went public. He also said if you are experiencing bullying online, do not respond, tell someone or you can always phone CEOP (NCA’s Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre) at: 0870 000 3344, or Childline on 0800 1111.

By Satwinder & Harry