New Bishop of Gloucester visits All Saints’ Academy

Posted: 26th March 2015

The announcement of the new Bishop of Gloucester Diocese was announced on 26th March. Venerable Rachel Treweek was appointed by the Queen and it was announced by the Prime Minister in the morning. Rachel Treweek will be the first female Diocesan Bishop in the Church of England following legislation passed last year enabling women as Bishops.The new Bishop made a visit in the morning to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. The second visit was to All Saints' Academy. 

When the new Bishop and delegates arrived they were welcomed by our Principal and student leaders. The choir sang 'Lost in Wonder' when the Bishop entered the Academy. Venerable Rachel, delegates and press gathered in reception to watch the choir perform beautifully.

Venerable Rachel talked to students and staff regarding her latest appointment. The Chaplaincy Champions then invited the Diocese visitors up to the Chapel to welcome them to the Academy.

Venerable Rachel then created a design on a piece of cloth to be hung on the 'Hunger Cloth' that is in the Chapel for Lent. A blessing was then said over the cloth.

The choir then sang a final song 'Something inside so strong' as the new Bishop left along with other Diocese members.

Principal Dermot McNiffe said "Today our students, staff, governors and sponsors proudly welcomed Venerable Rachel Treweek on the announcement of her becoming Bishop of Gloucester. Rachel is a wonderful person and our students felt her kind warm nature. I am sure the Diocesan schools that she represents will benefit greatly from her leadership. Many thanks to our wonderful choir, Chaplaincy Champions and student leaders for representing the academy on this special day."

Head Girl Emily Bond said "It was a brilliant experience to meet the first female Bishop of a Diocese."

Deputy Head Girl Eloise Taylor said "It was great to be able to celebrate Venerable Rachel's achievement."

House Captain Poppy Slack said "I was very honoured to be chosen to represent the academy on such a joyous occasion."


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