The Science department is a dedicated and passionate department that constantly strives to give all students an outstanding experience every time they step put into the department.  The overall aim of the department is to cultivate an enquiring and critical mind by continuing student’s introduction to that body of knowledge called science so that they:-

a) Develop an awe of nature and a realisation of our responsibility towards it and each other

b) Appreciate the contribution to our lives of individual scientists and the scientific method

c) Understand the scientific and technical progress does not take place in a moral vacuum and that evaluation of the ethics of scientific developments must be well informed and balanced

d) Are encouraged to take an active interest in science throughout their lives.

All staff love their subject and actively encourage their students to strive to be the best scientists they can be. There is a strong ethos of team work and collaborative planning within Science; there are 11 teachers in Science and 2 technicians who support the department.



Mrs H Watt (HW) – Head of Science 

Miss S Ayling (SAy) – Assistant Head of Science/ NQT and Teach First Mentor/ Community Liaison (C203)

Mrs C Cain (CCa) – Assistant Vice Principal/ Teacher of Science

Mr L Bradley (LB) – Assistant Vice Principal/ Teacher of Science

Mrs J Adsett (JAd) – Head of House (York)/ Teacher of Science (C102)

Mr L Chapman (LCh) – Teacher of Science (C202)

Mrs A Hencher (AH) – Teacher of Science  (C204)

Mr P Denning (PD) – Teacher of Science (C201)

Mr R Mirams (RM) - Assistant Head of Science

Mr R Mudge (RM) - Teacher of Science

Miss F Manning (FM) – Senior Science Technician

Mrs M Warburton (MW) – Science Technician





















The Science department is situated over two floors in Cleeve wing of All Saints’ Academy. There are 7 teaching rooms and a main prep room. Each room is fully equipped to complete most practical science work and also has an interactive white board and normal white board. The department is also equipped with laptop trolleys are students to use in lessons.


Year 7 and 8

In year 7 and 8 students are taught the underpinning ideas of science which builds on the knowledge of primary school. Students are taught practical skills which will enable them to consolidate and apply their learned knowledge. The science team work to ensure that learning is active, relevant and engaging.


Year 9-11

Current Year 10-11 all students follow AQA Science A GCSE and many also complete AQA Additional Science as well. Current Year 9 students follow AQA Combined Science Trilogy course. An increasing number of students are choosing to follow AQA Triple Science.

A small number of students completed Edexcel Level 1 Applied Science BTEC before beginning their GCSE.



In Year 12 and 13 students can choose to follow AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics or OCR Applied Science A-Level.



The Science Department has run a variety of trips that enable students to experience Science outside of the classroom. Students have had opportunities to visit events at Cheltenham Science Festival and universities to complete workshops, develop practical skills and attend lectures.


Extra Curricular

The Science Department engages students with a programme of intervention events after school and during school holidays. 


Future Possibilities

After A Levels students can move into higher education, completing foundation and degree courses specialising in their area of interest.

There are many job opportunities within the world of Science.

There are also a wide range of jobs and careers that utilise Science knowledge and skills nursing, medicine, midwifery, veterinary science, engineering, food industry, hairdressing, scientific research, drug development, teaching and many more.