Richard Lupson-Darnell

As the ASA Political Debate began, the party representatives gave a not-so-brief introduction of themselves and their policies. Richard Lupson-Darnell, an independent party candidate, was last to give his opening speech. He began by stating his reason for independently running, this was that he “didn’t believe in the other parties’ values” as they “lacked vision”. Developing on this point, he presented a vision of “hope and a better future” where everyone is valued and encouraged.

Darnell’s “vision” was seemingly legitimate as he spoke of plans to spend money on a homeless shelter, and making the poor “our first priority”. As his intentions became clear, it appeared he was all for spending money on aiding the poor but when it came to obtaining it, he didn’t really state where it would come from.

All party representatives gave elaborate answers to the questions provided by All Saints’ students; Richard seemed to echo their points and facts. Considering this appeared to be Richard’s first experience in a political debate, he seemed to have an organised and compassionate approach to the event. He strategized his answers by making it personal to the target audience of multi-faith and multi-cultural students.


By Rosie Wilkins