Overview by Dawid

On Friday 6th February, All Saints’ Academy hosted an event involving the local MP candidates for the elections in May 2015. The candidates were current MP Martin Horwood from Liberal Democrats, Alex Chalk from Conservatives, Adam Van Coevorden from the Green Party, Christina Simmonds from UKIP and Richard Lupson-Darnell who is running independently. 

The event was planned for the Year 11 and Sixth Form students to give them a clearer view on the future elections. The students asked tough questions regarding our future. These included the subject of universities and how to guarantee employment after graduating; the economy and the decline of the of the armed forces due to cut backs; the NHS and the subject of closing the A&E department in Cheltenham General Hospital and the hot topic of immigration - should an ‘Australian style’ points system be introduced in which skills and qualifications are taken into account.

Sixth Form student Charis Pardoe said 'It was a great experience being able to question the MP candidates for Cheltenham. We got to hear their views on topics that are relevant to us and our future, which will help us make an informed decision on who to vote for. Before this experience I never really thought about voting and never paid interest in what the parties stood for. I now feel as if I have a greater understanding and feel more prepared, and ready for the future when I can vote.'


By Dawid Zyra