Pupil Premium 2014-15

  • The Pupil Premium is a sum of money provided to the Academy to support students that have historically fallen short of obtaining good examination grades.
  • It is up to the Academy as to how this money is spent but we have to account for it and advise how we intend to spend it.
  • The coalition Government has promised that it will increase each year of this Parliament.

Number of students that qualify for Pupil Premium:    319 (43.2% of pupils on roll)

2014 - 2015 

For the Academic Year 2014-2015 we received £298,265 (£935 per eligible student)

Monies will be spent on the following during this academic year:





Extra English and Maths teachers in departments; extra lessons per fortnight in English and Maths.


Smaller ratio of teacher:student in all year groups;

Focussed, individualised, learning to support specific students;

Greater levels progress in KS3;

Improved 3+ levels progress in English and Maths.

Y7 and Y8 Intervention groups


The intervention classes target students who arrive at the Academy at or below Level 3. With intensive support literacy and numeracy levels improve so that students can access the full curriculum.

Senior Leader attached to Pupil Premium and two other Assistant Principals attached to specific year groups (Y7-Y8; Y9-Y11)


Leadership focus on all year groups and specific Pupil Premium students across Y7-Y11 – embedded tracking and raising attainment levels in all year groups.


Numeracy & Literacy Champions


Staff members who support, drive and develop literacy or numeracy in the subject area particularly with subject specific needs; also leading  CPD across all staff.


Accelerated Reader / Maths


Identified students linked to Pupil Premium with low reading ages to support literacy and numerical development – increased levels progress in English/Maths Y7-Y11.





Maths Tuition


1:1 support for Y11 students – raise attainment / levels progress – target of 60% A*-C in Maths GCSE

Staff with responsibilities to mentor/track PP students


Individual mentoring of Y11 PP students – tracking across all subjects to track A*-C in all subjects.

Attendance Officer


The attendance officer will support our Attendance Admin person and House Achievement Leaders in reducing the number of persistent absences.




Intervention area, allowing individual students to re-focus on their learning, out with the normal classroom environment – increasing focus, within the classroom, for other students.

The Rock – students with social       issues; behavioural concerns



Additional behavioural support, educating students on positive learning skills, to re-focus in the classroom.

Gloucester Rugby Mentoring


Community Social and Behavioural course, aimed at Y8 PP students, to increase effort and attitude in the classroom. Improved concentrations and levels progress in Y8.

Individual Student Need(s)




“response” money for individual students: including additional equipment (e.g. hair & beauty); Ingredients (Hospitality & Catering)




Pastoral (£7,500)

D&T Dept (£2,500)

PE Dept (£300)

Isolation (£500)

Pupil Welfare (£1000)

Counselling (£8,640)

Miscellaneous (individual student subject needs) (£11,580)




Y11 PP students are able to work from home / complete homeworks, coursework, to a better standard – equality of education with non-PP students. Improvement in attainment due to increased amount of work completed.






Revision Classes: staffing & resources


Offering students continuous revision, outside term time lessons – commitment, confidence are reinforced: levels progress and A*-C grades improved.


Academic Trips and Events: History / Law;
Whole Year group rewards e.g. Ice Skating





Equality of education and opportunity for PP students, alongside non PP students: entitlement to coursework/exam skills needed.


Rewards – praise for outstanding effort and achievement – building on present levels of success.

Summer 2014 – All Saints’ Academy Pupil Premium Students make outstanding progress.

Congratulations to all PP students in Y11, 2013-2014, who achieved record-breaking results in August 2014.

  • “Closing the Gap” PP and non-PP students: 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths – Summer 2014, the ‘gap’ reduced to 16% (Summer 2013 the ‘gap’ was 29%)
  • 73% of PP students achieved 3+ levels progress in English (57% in 2012-2013; 41% in 2011-2012)
  • 43% of PP students achieved 3+ levels progress in Maths (35% in 2012-2013; 25% in 2011-2012)
  • 36% of PP students achieve the benchmark of 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths (37% in 2012-2013; 20% in 2011-2012)

Value-added: for PP students - Summer 2014: to be issued November 2014. Summer 2013 was 1009.5 (compared to ASA Summer 2012 984.5. National value added for PP 2012-2013 was 983.2)