How do you prepare to welcome and support students as they move from one stage of education to the next?

Accessibility of the building and additional resources/equipment

The academy is housed in one building with all areas of the academy accessible by those who are wheelchair uses, or other physical disability, by means of a lift. The D&T food area is equipped with a specially designed area for wheelchair uses. Special height adjustable tables are available on all floors and can be moved into specific areas as required. There is disabled toilet access on all floors and a combined toilet/shower area on the ground floor for those with more intimate care needs.

Examination Arrangements

All examination arrangements are made following the strict guidelines laid down by JCQ. A full assessment needs to be made and in most cases a report provided by a specialist. The school carries out all assessment where necessary. Where bespoke arrangements are required these are put in place from the earliest opportunity to allow for review and adjustment to ensure these are best suited to the individual student.

Transition Arrangements

Discussion between Academy staff and Y6 teachers takes place for all students transferring into Y7. The SENDCo liaises and meets with SENDCo’s from our feeder school and attends Y5/6 Annual reviews. Additional visits are put in place for any students identified by feeder primaries as needing these. Parents are actively encouraged to join in these visits and to share their worries and concerns.

For students transferring into the Sixth Form the SENDCo attends Y11 Annual reviews. For those identified as having additional needs but without a statement or an EHC plan the SENDCo meets with individuals to discuss potential support needs or liaises with the Pastoral Support Manager for Sixth Form who may oversee their support.

Students Leaving All Saints’ Academy to move to another provider

Every effort is made to ensure a clear pathway with appropriate support is in place for students moving to another education provider post 16. This may involve inviting the provider to annual reviews where a statement or an EHC plan is in place and working with the case office for LDD from the Youth Support Team to ensure a plan is in place.

Some students may be supported to access courses at the School of Foundation Studies at Gloscol. This will normally involve taster sessions from the end of Y10 and throughout Y11, including support to attend sessions if this is necessary. Students will be provided with support to complete any necessary applications for other local providers as needed.