How do you keep in touch with carers to discuss and review progress towards target out comes?

For all students at All Saints’ Academy progress towards academic targets is reported 3 times a year through a ‘Stop The Clock’ report.  The report also contains information on attitude to learning, homework and organisation skills as. Parents are invited in for parent evenings and specific year based information evenings. There is an additional opportunity to make appointments with subject teachers should you wish to do so.

On parent evenings you are able to make appointments to meet with your child’s subject teachers. You will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s current attainment and progress towards their target levels. You are able to make appointments to talk with Tutor and Associate Tutors whenever you need to.

For students with a statement or EHC plans or children who are looked after with a Personal Education Plan (PEP) there will be at least one, and for many students more than one, additional meeting. This will be an opportunity to discuss objectives and targets and to evaluate and review the impact of the interventions in place. New targets and supporting interventions will be planned and a time frame for review put in place. Whenever possible students are expected to be part of the reviewing and planning cycle.