How does the Academy support some of the practical, social and emotional issues that may arise from my child’s additional needs?

For some children with SEND further additional needs may arise – we will endeavour to support the range of needs that may result.

  1. Administration of medications

In the event of any special form of administration of medication being required, the parent must contact the Academy so that arrangements can be made for this to occur. The Academy cannot guarantee to administer or oversee the administration of all medicines, but will endeavour to be as helpful as is reasonably practicable. Prior written permission must be obtained from parents for the administration of prescribed and non-prescribed medication in the Academy.

Follow the link for the full Administration of Medications Policy

b)Personal Care

Some students may need support changing for PE. This will only be undertaken where an agreement has been made with parents/carer and the student to satisfy health and safety so that wherever practical a student can participate. The support will be appropriate to the needs and age of the student concerned and sensitive to the potential for embarrassment.

In the event of a student requiring support with toileting or intimate care a formally agreed plan for that individual student will be drawn up and regularly reviewed on admission. The emotional responses of any student to intimate care will be carefully and sensitively observed, and where necessary, any concerns passed to the Designated Person.  The views of the student will be actively sought, wherever possible, when drawing up and reviewing formal arrangements.

  1. Taking part in school trips and outings

For all school trips and outings a risk assessment takes place as part of our health and safety procedures. Where a student has additional needs every effort will be made to ensure they are able to be safely included. This may involve a family member or family designated responsible adult accompanying the student on the trip.

  1. Pastoral Support to listen to students with additional needs

All Saints’ Academy offers a range of opportunities for all students to talk with adults, to be listened to and when necessary for actions to be taken. Special attention is paid to the most vulnerable students to ensure they are accessing a ‘listening ear’. These opportunities may include:

  • Tutor/Associate Tutor (All tutor groups have two adults looking after them)
  • Chaplaincy Team
  • Youth for Christ workers
  • Academy Youth Work Team
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Pastoral Support Managers
  • 6th form mentors for identified individuals
  • Identified Behaviour Mentors – particularly for those on Behaviour Support Plans
  • Experienced Counselling Service – for identified individuals with more complex social/emotional needs