What intervention programmes do you run and do you have particular areas of expertise?

All Saints’ Academy has a range of interventions/support that may be provided for students with SEND

  • Pastoral support for all students through access to Tutor, Progress Leader and Pastoral Support staff
  • Academic mentoring for all students by Tutor
  • Access to the Academy before and after school with use of the Gateway Learning Hub with ICT facilities (opportunity to purchase breakfast in the morning)
  • Homework club
  • KS3 Intervention Groups – provides intense Literacy and Numeracy intervention for those achieving significantly below expectation at KS2 (small group with some 1:1, TA support and a primary approach to delivering the curriculum)
  • Reading Intervention – Through Stride Ahead, Toe-by-Toe, 1:1 individual tutoring and peer reading
  • ICT based Literacy and Numeracy Interventions (Lexia and Symphony) delivered through a tutor time Enrichment programme.
  • Small Foundation group classes at Key Stage 3 which may have class based TA support attached to allow for small group or 1:1 support as directed by class teacher
  • Y11 Intervention mentoring and support  – may include small group English/Mathematics sessions
  • Examination Access Arrangements – as part of ongoing assessment for progress and intervention
  • SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) support – may be through external provider (eg. The Rock) with small groups exploring a range of topics such as self-esteem,  anger management, appropriate classroom behaviour
  • Speech and Language Development – 1:1, pairs or small group working with TA or SENDCo
  • Social Skills Group – for those with autistic tendencies/diagnosis
  • EAL support for new arrivals
  • Personalised timetable
  • PACE – alternative curriculum for those at high risk of permanent exclusion
  • Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) – mentor support. Prior to PSP students may be supported and mentored by senior members of staff to help students conform to normal behavioural expectations.
  • Counselling service
  • Access to School nurse
  • Support through a range of external agencies


All Saints’ Academy has a wide range of experience in relation to different types of SEND, but do not specialize in any area.

Some staff have taken part in awareness training sessions focusing on

  • Speech, language and Communication needs (led by Advisory Teaching Service)
  • Working with students with literacy difficulties – in particular the implications of low reading ages (led by SENDCo)
  • Basic understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (led by Advisory Teaching Service)
  • All staff new to teaching attend a SEND training based session led by the SENDCo
  • SENDCo and some TA’s are trained to deliver ‘Fresh Start’ Literacy Programme, Lexia and Symphony Programmes

The SENDCo has worked with a variety of specialist staff to advise Teachers and TAs on a range of strategies to support working with students with different needs. This includes support strategies for working with difficulties that include:

  • Hearing Impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Speech and language difficulties

Autistic spectrum disorder