What do you do once you have identified that a child has special educational needs?

On arrival at All Saints’ Academy we write to all parents where additional needs have been previously identified by the primary school telling them that their child has been added to our own list.

  • Where students are newly identified either in Y7 or across the school we write to inform parents and invite them to come and discuss the needs if they wish to do so.
  • The students name and information relating to their additional needs are recorded onto the School Information Management System (SIMS). This allows members of teaching staff to access the basic information.
  • Students are added to the Special Educational Needs list, a ‘pen portrait’ outlining their difficulties  and possible support strategies is produce and distributed to relevant teachers, support staff and pastoral staff.
  • Appropriate support as outlined at point 5 below is put in place and may involve one or more of the interventions outlined at point 9 below.