How does All Saints’ Academy know or find out if your child has special educational needs (SEND)?

A range of activities take place to support the identification of students with additional needs:


Transferring from primary school to Y7 at All Saints’ Academy

  • Prior to transferring to the Academy each child is discussed with their primary school teachers/SENDCo’s and their additional needs are shared
  • All Saints’ Academy invites primary SENDCo’s to an annual transition conference to discuss students with additional needs
  • Whenever possible the SENDCo or an academy representative attends Y5 and Y6 annual reviews for those with Education, Health and Social Care Plans (EHCP) and any additional transition conferences hosted by the Advisory Teaching Service. This ensures we have as much information as possible.
  • SENDCo is available on induction evening for parents and arranges additional visits prior to transfer as required.


On entry

  • Students KS2 SAT’s results  data is scrutinised to identify any students falling well below age related expectations (ARE) who have not previously been identified
  • All students sit a reading comprehension test – where Standard Assessment Scores (SAS) falls below 84 further assessment takes place
  • School baseline assessments are carried out in English and mathematics
  • Where they are available primary CAT test results are analysed

The information from the above assessment data is used to support the early identification of learning needs that may not be apparent from the information obtained from primary schools. Further assessment will take place for individual students as required and will form part of a continuing process to help measure progress.


In year admissions

  • All students sit a reading comprehension test – where Standard Assessment Scores (SAS) falls below 84 further assessment takes place
  • Academic data as provided on entry is scrutinised. Where insufficient information is available students may be further screened to provide a fuller picture.
  • When we are informed or it is clearly evident that there are additional needs, every effort is made to obtain further information.


Joining All Saints’ Academy Sixth Form

  • Sixth Form reference requests asks previous school to identify SEND
  • Students achieving less than a grade 4 in English or who for whatever reason did not sit a UK GCSE English course will be expected to take a reading comprehension test.
  • Students who have previously been granted Access Arrangements due to additional needs are requested to identify themselves at an early point in Y12


At the end of each academic year students in Y7-9 undertake a reading comprehension test. For all students English and Maths data is analysed in conjunction with reading SAS, at the end of each academic year, to identify those who are making insufficient progress.  Equally students with identified SEND who have made sufficient progress may be removed from the SEND list and for additional interventions to cease.

All staff are encouraged to refer any student whose academic, physical, social or emotional development is giving cause for concern to the SENDCo, at any time.