Our Vision

Where every member of our extended family realises their God-given potential, inspired by John 10:10. Jesus said 'I have come so you may have life in all its fullness' is routed at the heart of everything we do, for example, Business Studies is a subject that aims to help students understand how to develop personal skills and qualities which will support them in future employment. It develops students understanding of the business world as well as the employment opportunities within a business.    


Miss Pettit (Head of Business) –

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What is Business Studies?

Business is a practical and work related course. It will equip and provide opportunities for learners to develop a range of skills, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life and further education.

Business Studies may be a completely new subject to students, however we will be studying companies that you are familiar with, such as; Superdry, Apple, Cadbury, McDonalds, John Lewis and local firms such as Shakes to Go and Cheltenham Town FC. You will be surprised how much business knowledge you already have!

2019 Department Results

Year 11 GCSE

Year 11 VOC 

Camb L2

Year 13 VOC

Camb L3


9 - 4


Dist* - Pass


Dist* - Pass


9 - 5


Dist* - Merit


Dist* - Merit


9 - 7




Dist* - Dist


The Business Studies Department offer a wide variety of Business courses to cater for ALL our student needs. To support students studying Business (Year 9 – 13), there will be a range of guest speakers and visits to local, national and international firms to help inspire students and give a context to their learning. 


Year 9, 10 and 11 Vocational pathway

OCR L2 Cambridge Technical in Business, Enterprise & Marketing (1 X GCSE)

-        66% Coursework

-        33% Exam

In Year 9, all Business students will begin in Term 1 by taking part in a Business Enterprise project where students in teams learn how to develop their own product and brand, whilst finishing with a Dragon’s Den style pitch.

From Term 2 and until the end of Year 9 students will have studied; Unit 1 – Introduction to Business and Enterprise; Ownership, types of contracts, skills, types of customers, researched a variety of entrepreneurs, their characteristics and how they have become successful and explore three potential business ideas.

In Year 10 and 11, students will study Unit 3 Finance for Business and Enterprise; which includes, costs, revenues, cash flow, budgets, profit and loss and break even.  They will also complete Unit 2 in Marketing. In Unit 4 – Plan, develop and participate in a business or enterprise project - students are expected to research, setup and create their own business plan. The unit will conclude with a project plan and pitch to local Business managers.


Year 9, 10 and 11 GCSE pathway

GCSE EDUQAS Business Studies

-60% Exam

-40% Exam

In Year 9, all Business students will begin in Term 1 by taking part in a Business Enterprise project where students in teams learn how to develop their own product and brand, whilst finishing with a Dragon’s Den style pitch. In Term 2 onwards students will study Unit 1 – The Business Framework, which involves understanding how businesses start and the functions of the entrepreneur. They will also study Unit 2 – Marketing. This focuses on marketing and requires the students to demonstrate an understanding of the product life cycle and other strategies used to promote their business to a variety of customers. Near the end of Year 9 we will begin to look at Unit 3 – Business Operations which explores concepts such as logistics, manufacturing and the sales and supply processes that are involved.

In Year 10 the students move on to study Unit 4 – Influences on Business Activity. This topic involves looking at key external factors that have an effect on businesses such as Ethics, Environmental, Economic and Political factors.  Unit 4 is about Human Resource Planning which focuses on the recruitment process and the importance of selecting the correct staff. Towards the end of Year 10, the students will start to focus on preparation for their end of Year 10 exams. 

Finally, in Term 1 of Year 11 the students look at the final unit of study which is Finance. This topic looks at the financial aspects businesses needed to consider ranging from Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and revenue, costs and profits. The remainder of the academic year looks at consolidating and revising all key units in preparation for their GCSE exams in the summer.

Sixth Form - Year 12 & 13

Students study OCR L3 Cambridge Technical in Business (vocational pathway) in Sixth Form. The courses are equivalent to 1 A-level and gain UCAS points which are recognised by all Universities. The BTEC Level 3 is 100% coursework based when rather the OCR Cambridge Technical is 66% exam and 33% coursework. The courses have been designed specifically alongside universities and the business sector to cater for both learners wishing to go to university and to equip students with the skills required for full time employment in the business industry.

OCR L3 Cambridge Technical in Business

In Year 12 students will study for their exam; Types of businesses / aims / objectives, Functional areas, organisational structures, stakeholders, relationships, finance and business ethics. Students will also complete the first of their three compulsory coursework units which focuses on Marketing. Students will also begin their second unit of coursework study which looks at Customers and Communication. This coursework will then be carried over into their Year 13 curriculum. 

In Year 13 students will study for their second exam which focuses on protocols, management of staff, HR, factors impacting meetings, communication with stakeholders and business documentation

Students will complete the Communication coursework before beginning their final piece surrounding International Business. 


There will be a selection of trips available to students in Years 9 - 13. These opportunities will help to support and give a clear context to learning back in the classroom. The Business Studies Department are hoping to run the following trips;

·       Cadbury World – Year 9/10 Business

·       New York - Year 12 / 13 Business

·       Cotswold Distillery - Year 12 / 13 Business

·       We are open to all ideas, especially if any parents are willing to let us visit where they work.

Could you support our department?

If you could support or have any links with a business that might accommodate a group of students then please email



·       Business Vocational – Thursday, Week 2 3.15 – 4pm

·       6th Form – Wednesdays 3.15 – 4.15pm

·       Young Enterprise – Wednesday Lunch times from 13.15 – 14.10 in M104

Young Enterprise is a Business Enrichment activity for Sixth Form students to have the opportunity to start up and create their own Business. Students work in teams and are supported by staff and business professionals from outside of school. Young Enterprise is a national competition where schools compete against one another. Our most recent team (Eminence) qualified to the final where they won Best Pitch in Gloucestershire. The business created educational resources for Primary Schools.


Future possibilities

Studying Business opens up a wealth of options which students have access too.


Options next
OCR L2/GCSE Business EDUQAS A Level or OCR L3 Cambridge Technical in Business
Students who have studied Business at OCR L2 / GCSE can move on to study Business at A Level or OCR Business at ASA Sixth Form

i. BTEC Higher Nationals in Business.

ii. University Business degrees

iii. University Business degrees combined with subjects such as, Law, Psychology, Media, Engineering, English, Math’s and Languages.

iv. Full time employment in business - The course will equip learners with the necessary skills to operate efficiently in the workplace. Such as; Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Service, HR, Production, Administration, Retail and practical skills based careers.

v. Apprenticeships / Employment / Business start up


How Parents/Carers can support the Business Department

Do you work for a business and would like to share your experiences with our students? Or offer us a guided tour of where you work? Or do you know someone who might be able to help?

If so, then we would love to hear from you. This could really spark an interest amongst our students and make a real difference that could lead them to becoming the next Lord Sugar or Richard Branson!


Please contact any of us on:

Miss Pettit on or 01242 711288

Mr Kerr on or 01242 711205