The Art department is a lively, forward thinking and successful department that constantly reviews and adapts its practise in order to enthuse and support students of all abilities to enjoy and fully participate in every opportunity that the subject presents. Within the department there are two Art teachers and one Photography teacher. All staff are passionate about their subject and actively encourage every student to aspire to achieve their best.

Head of Art & DT Faculty: Mrs S Bayliss
Art Teacher: Miss Z Ward
Art and Photography Teacher: Mr T Chilman

The department comprises of two large Art studios and a further Art/Photography classroom, all equipped with interactive whiteboards and visualisers. In addition there is a spacious outside balcony work space where students can create sculptural work or study the surrounding views. The department is well resourced with a wide range of specialist materials. It comprises two new kilns, a printing press, Apple Mac computers, Digital SLR cameras and laptops.

Art plays a central role in shaping our sense of our personal, social and cultural identity. Learning in Art also plays an important role in supporting children and young people to recognise and value the variety and vitality of culture locally, nationally and globally.

Learning in, through and about Art enables children and young people to:

  • Be creative and express themselves in different ways.
  • Experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creative and expressive work.
  • Develop important skills, both those specific to Art and those which are transferable, including literacy and numeracy.
  • Develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas and, for some, prepare for advanced learning and future careers by building foundations for excellence in Art.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students progress through varied and challenging projects that enable them to experience a wide range of starting points, materials and techniques.
In Year 7 students study Portraiture, respond to the work of Henri Rousseau, develop Graphic Graffiti style lettering skills and explore the work and techniques of Kandinsky; they will develop their drawing, shading, painting and collaging skills.
In Year 8 students explore the work of the Artist ‘Angie Lewin’ whilst studying their topic ‘Natural forms’. They will go on to explore the topic Masks and develop their perspective drawing skills. During this year they will refine their drawing skills and develop their confidence whilst handling a range of materials.


In Key Stage 4 students complete the AQA GCSE Art and Design course. This exciting course offers students the opportunity to refine their drawing, painting skills and the chance to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques ranging from silk batik to clay work. Students will develop their analytical skills whilst studying the work of past and contemporary Artists. They will produce two practical coursework units, one based on the theme ‘Food’ and the other being ‘Landscape’ or ‘Mask and Disguise’.

Currently Year 9 students are exploring their theme ‘Food’ developing their skills through a variety of techniques including collage and stippling.

Year 10 students are in the latter stages of their ‘Food’ unit; they are producing a wide variety of studies including Zentangles and polyblock prints.

In Year 11 students are focusing upon the theme ‘Mask and disguise’; they are developing imaginative work using a range of approaches and techniques including silk batik and lino printing.

A-Level - Fine Art

In Years 12 and 13 Art students follow the AQA A Level course. They finesse their Artistic skills and learn how to work independently, developing their own style and flair.

In Year 12 students complete one coursework unit based on a theme of their choice and a second unit of work based on an externally set task with a 10 hour practical exam.

In Year 13 students produce a ‘Personal investigation’ unit, where they explore a theme of their choice. They develop a varied and sophisticated portfolio of work that expresses their passion and ability within Art. To conclude the course there is a final externally set task which includes a 15 hour practical exam, where students choose 1 of 8 questions as a starting point for their body of work.


A - Level - Photography

In Photography students at AS level focus upon gaining the skills and techniques that encompass the subject, with a structured ‘Workshop tasks’ carousel. Students will produce a body of work evidencing this learning alongside one unit of coursework entitled ’Colour Brief’. This is followed by an ‘Externally Set Assessment’ where students have a 10 hour practical exam in which they will be given 5 questions, and 1 is used as the theme for their work.



At A2 level students refine skills such as: Planning and designing, research and analysis, time management, written work, use of subject specific terminology, image compositional devices, digital and physical manipulations, use of digital editing software, use of digital SLR cameras and digital camcorders for still and moving image work, working on Mac and pc platforms, preparing and printing imagery to a professional standard, creativity, reflection and refining work, presentational devices and evaluation learnt in year 12. They produce one unit of coursework based upon their own chosen theme or topic resulting in a ‘Personal Investigation’ and the course concludes with a 15 hour ‘Externally Set Assessment’, where students choose 1 of 8 questions as a starting point for their body of work.



The Art Department has run a variety of trips that enable students to experience Art outside of the classroom. Students have visited Beckford Silk and learnt about the production of a range of silk products from the design stage through to manufacture.

Gifted and Talented students from Year 7-11 have attended a gallery visit and workshop experience at ‘The Wallace Collection’ London.

Year 10 Students have attended a day of experimental drawing techniques workshops at the Nature in Art Gallery and Museum.


Extra Curricular

Within the Art Department we actively encourage students to come into the Department during their study periods.

There is a Photography club that runs after school every Monday which caters for students from all year groups.

There is also an Art club that runs every Wednesday in both of the main Art studios. This is aimed primarily at supporting students in Years 9-13 who are working on their Art GCSE and A Levels. However, younger students with a passion for Art are welcome to attend.


Future Possibilities

After A Levels students can move into higher education, completing foundation and degree courses specialising in their area of interest.

There are many job opportunities within the world of Art. All large companies have a creative department that deals with marketing, promotion and advertising. They will also employ graphic designers to create logos and promotional materials.

There are also a wide range of careers that utilise artist skills including fashion designer, architect, film maker, product designer, magazine art director, illustrator, photographer, theatre artist director, stage and costume designer, music video producer, furniture designer, press photographer and animator.