Matthew Jones - Class of 2018

Studying Business and Management

'The teachers within Sixth Form always do their very best to support you in any way necessary, whether it be academic or personal and are an integral part of the Sixth Form experience. Throughout my time at All Saints’, I was given numerous opportunities that allowed me to develop and grow as both a student and as an individual. The key one was being chosen as one of the students to go on the Africa 2017 trip to Tanzania, which was truly a life changing experience and helped my development massively. During Sixth Form I had the opportunity to go on an Easter School at Cambridge University and I also led the Academy’s Young Enterprise team to the area finals which are just two of the amazing opportunities that this Academy offers.'


Nicola Crawford - Class of 2018

Studying Theatre Design/Production at Bath Spa University

'I was presented with many opportunities during my time at the All Saints’ Academy Sixth Form such as the Young Enterprise scheme and mentoring which I believe improved my people skills which I know will help me further in the future. These opportunities were also key when writing my personal statement and preparing my portfolio for university applications. Whilst at ASA I studied Film Studies, Art and Product Design. I now attend Bath University studying Theatre Design.'


Christian Bessell - Class of 2016

Studying Business and Management at DeMontfort University

‘My time at All Saints’ was extremely rewarding. I developed knowledge in subjects that I chose to study and I even managed to visit other continents I never thought I would see. All staff members are friendly and have a genuine intent to help you learn. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I was sad to leave.’


Shannon Power - Class of 2016

Studying Dance and Community Practise at Worcester University

'Before I joined All Saints' Academy I was unaware of where I wanted to be in the future, whether to follow my dream or choose a safe path. From work experience in schools to helping out with the Positive Move performance all with the support from staff and students. I was able to establish the route I want to take and I have been given the experience to achieve this. Helping out in open days and charity events, trips to parliament and New York in 2016, to playing for the netball team and performing in dance shows, has helped build skills needed not just for school but for everyday life. These experiences helped me get to the position of Head Student and to my university of choice to study Dance. All Saints' is a welcoming and supportive community that opened my eyes to the future and gave me the courage to achieve my goals.'


Dean Williams - Class of 2016

Studying Business Management with Marketing at UWE

‘My time at All Saints’ provided me with lots of opportunities to build myself as a character but also improve my life skills. The chaplaincy team gave me lots of opportunities to speak in front of large audiences which has helped me build confidence. The Africa trip allowed me to experience a completely different culture which has given me a whole new perspective on life.’



Curtis Mansfield - Class of 2015

Graduated University of Birmingham with a First Class Honours in English Language

Moving from Cleeve to All Saints' for sixth form was a huge decision for me, but one that really paid off. I knew very few people before I went, but I had very little choice because it was the only local sixth form that provided all the subjects I wanted to do at A Level - English Language, Geography, ICT, and Media Studies (which I dropped after attaining a B at AS Level). Straight away, I felt part of an inclusive community, which I believe was an important contributor to my educational experience.

All Saints' also provided me with numerous experiences that supplemented my education. With my long-term objective being a job in the media, the opportunities I had, such as writing for the school newspaper and reporting at the Cheltenham Science Festival, were of considerable help in getting me to where I am today, as well as laying the foundations for a future career.

I left All Saints' with an A* in English Language, which I am now studying at the University of Birmingham, an A in Geography, and an A in ICT. I would not have been able to achieve this feat without the support of staff and my friends, and I would recommend All Saints' to anyone who not only want to get good grades, but who also want to develop and grow as a person in order to do the best they can in life.



Demi Wheeler - Class of 2014

Graduated Birmingham City University with a degree in BA (Hons) Media and Communications

Marketing Assistant - Zurich Insurance

‘From the minute I began studying at All Saints’ I knew that it was the right place for me. The facilities, the atmosphere and the work ethic were everything I wanted them to be! I chose to continue my studies and sit my A Levels at All Saints’ because not only did I have a big range of topics to choose from, I was surrounded by great staff and fellow students. My two years getting my A Levels at All Saints’ were difficult but the memories I created and opportunities I was given along the way made it worth it. I don’t believe if I studied anywhere else I would have been given the opportunity to spend 5 days in New York, visit the Houses of Parliament and Gems TV studios and make the great friends that are still my close friends today!

I completed my time at All Saints’ with 15 GCSE’s all grade C and above and 3 A Levels in media, sociology and business studies. Looking at 11 year old me I would never imagine I would be where I am today, and I thank the encouragement and support I received from the staff and students at All Saints’ for that.’


Jake Higgins - Class of 2013

Graduated University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Events Management 

Events Manager and Wedding Co-ordinator - Elmore Court 

All Saints' Academy provided me with opportunities that I didn't think I would be able to experience, including being the managing director of my own company.

Sixth Form is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in a teenagers life, however with the help and guidance from staff I achieved the grades I needed to get into my first choice of university, The University Of South Wales in my third year I transferred to University of Gloucestershire where I completed my degree.