Sixth Form



Year 13

‘After achieving high grades at GCSE, I decided to remain at All Saints’ Academy’s Sixth Form as I felt well supported and motivated throughout the GCSE period and I knew that the staff would continue this into A-Levels. I enjoy my subjects and feel they have allowed me to have a range of opportunities that will able me to build a strong personal statement for applying to universities. Also, when transitioning into A-Level drama in Year 12, I felt welcomed and included instantly, which has resulted in myself having an increase in confidence in order to take part in the school production opportunities.’



Year 13

'I enjoy how much support we receive in the performing arts, both from teachers and other students. It's like being  a part of a family that helps you reach your highest potential, yet keeps you well grounded.'



Year 13

'The teaching staff at Sixth Form are great. I’m always supported in and out of lesson and can get help whenever I need it. There’s always plenty of opportunities and I feel as if my ideas are always heard by staff. I feel super comfortable in all my options.'