All Saints’ Academy is an Anglican Church Academy serving the community of Cheltenham, sponsored by the Diocese of Gloucester.

Our Vision is inspired by John 10:10: Jesus said ‘I have come so you may have life in all its fullness’.

At the heart of All Saints’ Academy is the belief that Christ is at the centre of all we do and are. Rooted in His teaching, we seek to fulfil in every member of our community their full potential so they are able to ‘live life to the full’ and recognise that they are called to use their gifts and talents for the benefit of all.

The Academy strives to live out the values of the Gospel and bear witness to the teaching of Jesus. This is not only reflected in our Academy Prayer, which is said every morning by students and staff and at the beginning of Collective Worship and all meetings within the Academy, but in everything we do. Whether that be through discussion in the classroom, through the Values Points awarded to our students or through our charitable and fund raising activities.

All Saints’ Academy Prayer

Dear Lord

Teach us how to respect others,

and to love and serve one another

in all that we do and say.

And when we get it wrong, give us the

strength to get it right and be reconciled.

Lead us to justice through your words

of wisdom and guide us to everlasting



Each week Tutor Groups have an Extended Collective Worship session, this follows the Liturgical Calendar and is linked to topical themes. It provides opportunities for reflection, discussion and includes short bible passages and an invitation for prayer.

The links below will open the Weekly PowerPoints.

Week beginning 29th March 2021


Week beginning 22nd March 2021


Week beginning 15th March 2021


Week beginning 8th March 2021


Week beginning 1st March 2021


Week beginning 22nd February 2021


Week beginning 15th February 2021


Week beginning 8th February 2021


Week beginning 1st February 2021


Week beginning 25th January 2021


Week beginning 18th January 2021


Week beginning 11th January 2021


Week beginning 4th January 2021