Does every little help?

By Lauren & Erykah

What’s the first thing you put in your shopping trolley? With food prices rising, budgeting is becoming a reality. With a loaf of bread costing on average £1.10, the price of living is increasing. At All Saints Academy, our teacher spend anything from £30 to £60. We quizzed the teachers with families and the singletons about their weekly shop. The results were shocking…

The basic shopping basket for a family (two adults and two children) contains bread, milk, eggs and a variety of spreads and costs on average £84. Although, there might be room for improvement I mean do you really need that box of pre-cut cheese for £2? You could just buy cheese! Surprisingly, all of our interviewees, came under the national average. We interviewed Miss Wellington (an ICT teacher), we found out that Coke Zero, Peppers and Coffee are staples in her shopping basket although, when asked what the price difference of her weekly shop (currently at £30) would be if she only brought what she needed, she answered ‘If I brought what I wanted, I’d be very poor,’

We then asked family man Mr Pinless what he thought he could save when it comes to needs over desires and after much thought he said ‘£20, £30 difference.’ He later on told us his weekly shop for a family of 4 costs £60 and consists of croissants, fruit and wine.

 After research, we found out that in the 1960’s, a £1 would of got you a six-pack of Coca-Cola but now £1 wouldn’t even get you 4 pots of baby food. So, with frozen foods becoming ever more popular, not only are we becoming an unhealthy nation but also an over spending one.

Maybe next time you walk into the supermarket, you’ll think twice before buying that little something else because now every little might not help.