Is fast food a tasty treat or a death sentence?

By Lewis, Reece and Peter

What takeaway do you prefer? McDonalds? KFC? Domino’s?  How often do you have fast food? Do you consider it as a tasty treat? Or is it a death sentence?

Students and staff of ASA have taken a survey on how often they eat fast food, where they prefer to eat fast food, how often they exercise and whether they think fast food is healthy. The survey concluded that most of the pupils and staff (40%) eat fast food on a weekly basis, 62.8% exercise daily and 55.7% said fast food is not healthy but is it? We asked Miss Borley and she said “It’s not very healthy if you eat fast food regularly because it has lots of calories in it but as a one off treat then it’s not awful.”

Fast food can be healthy, for example, McDonalds sell salads with burgers, carrot sticks and fruit drinks. Sometimes in the larger restaurants there are these healthy foods as well as McDonalds. According to Mrs Kear “fast food is convenient and tasty, but should only be eaten occasionally.”  This opinion is supported by nutritionists, who note that excessive consumption of fast food can lead to serious health issues. 

Lewis, an All Saints’ Academy student loves fast food and doesn’t see the harm in it.  “It is delicious, as long as you exercise I really don’t see the problem”.  The issue with obesity might be that when people leave school they don’t exercise regularly anymore.  Either way, it seems that moderation and balance are they key to keeping fast food in our lives.