Do you think Media Studies is a serious subject?

By Gabrielle & Megan

Media Studies is seen as a ‘mickey mouse’ subject by many people, however others disagree. They see that Media is important to young people today as it gives us an insight of the multimedia world. Many people, especially media teachers, believe media is important because it helps us look past the image we are given and analyse the deeper meaning. We interviewed a couple of teachers from All Saints Academy with contrasting ideas. We thought this would be a good idea to listen to different ideas on the subject.

We asked Miss Cameron, teacher of History, some questions. She believes that ‘Media Studies isn’t one of the academically rigorous subjects. There are plenty of other subjects that challenge the same skills you would use in Media. If somebody applied for a job with a GCSE of it, it wouldn’t affect the application of the person. I would rather employee somebody with the GCSE of English or perhaps History. You can receive the same careers without Media. Not having Media doesn’t limit you to having certain careers, what you can get from it, you can also receive from English.

We found out Mr Nicklin’s opinion on Media Studies. His ideas contrast to Mr Griffin’s views. The head of English at All Saints’ thinks ‘multimedia is one of the highest paying career choices for young people. It helps understand of how the media works, we are manipulated and subjected to messages from the media. Media will help in the future at all saints academy as it’s an interesting subject and a lot of potential to do with reading. Reinforces a lot of key skills you learn through English. Although I have always had an eye on media as I am very interested in the arts of the world. Varying from music to films, books and magazines. I have quite a natural infinity to it.’

Sixth Form students are taking Media Studies at A Level. This implies that Media is an important subject to those in the Sixth Form. ‘It is really important for those who want to go into the industry. Also depends if you want to do it in the future and if you enjoy it, you take it more seriously. I want to be a journalist so I need to learn how to analyse and work cameras.’ Another 6th form student stated ‘I would like to Work behind the scenes in film, so it is a vital subject for me to take when I want to pursue this career.’