Maths Vs English

By Nicole & Sophie 

Reading, writing and arithmetics. These are the corner stones of education. Maths and English are very important in daily life but many people prefer an individual subject.

In a survey of 35 people (students and teachers), 68.8% of people said they preferred English to Maths, which means 31.2% prefer Maths. When asked the question Krystian & Borys said “English is fun!”

The gap between boys’ and girls’ in the 2014 GCSE A*-A results showed that in Maths, the boys had a 1.1% gap over the girls. Whereas, in English the girls had a 9.6% gap over the boys. This shows that in 2014 girls did better at English than Maths and boys did better at Maths than English.

When we asked teacher Miss Dunne which subject she preferred and why she replied, “Obviously, as an English teacher I think English is a better subject. I do see the point of Maths because it teaches you logic skills and there are a lot of jobs where you do need Maths; I don’t think it’s useless but I just think English is part of everything. If you do not know how to communicate well and understand people, then you can’t do anything. Whether it’s being able to read the newspaper and know what’s going on in the world or apply for a job and have a good application letter or persuade somebody to do something, or just enjoy a story; if you don’t have English, you can’t do any of those things  and that is why it’s the most important.